Ben Affleck Is the New Batman!

Ben Affleck will play Batman in "Man of Steel" sequel.
4:06 | 08/23/13

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Transcript for Ben Affleck Is the New Batman!
I can't and the speculation is over after weeks of everybody going -- the next that man is going to me we know it's going to be Big Ben Affleck interest -- pick -- very interesting take -- look forward -- -- that always comes courtesy of USA today Ben -- replacing Christian Dallas the next -- man and ends weeks of speculation by the way he -- A star opposite. Henry cattle placed retry some sort -- all of Superman Clark Kent. Send these two are going to be together attending Batman and Superman in the newest movie in the announcement -- said we knew we needed an extraordinary actors take on -- DC comics most enduring. Popular superheroes and -- fits that bill. And said they're excited about putting them together. With Superman character in about I don't know this but Affleck has previous experiences superhero did you know this. I didn't -- daredevil and the 2003 film of the same name which I do. -- applicants. That and we think -- I think fantastic women everywhere excited about this -- getting fed up -- yeah I mean he's he's really done well in all the direct these -- -- an -- he's won a lot of respect from everybody so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so how about brandy performing to just forty people 440. Board is zero so there is -- packed to the 90000. Seat stadium in South Africa she was supposed to be there -- surprise closing act for the Mandela sports and culture day in South Africa however the crowd kind of trickled out ahead of her. Performance -- just thing about forty people. In the audience she eventually walks off the stage. Amid hopes she least finish the song out of respect to forty people were actually -- that's amazing and ninety thousands. And this forty people on that you can't blame when I was just television that VH one. You know what about the whole car accident that she was. Involved and then killed the woman years and years ago and how she kind of was trying to recover from that and how difficult it was so. Kind of tragedy follows. Randy tell you what and that situation complain of forty people you work on new material. You work -- you dance moves a little better -- -- -- Brooks used to live -- goods and quick summary of the camera won't be on -- so I'll always everywhere can't work done anything. Consider this Kelly Clarkson. She's got a big fancy elaborate wedding -- not more I don't know all the planning. She says I'm elephants that -- says we were so busy with Ali just came to terms it tonight we all right so let's change our mind -- -- -- but apparently they said that apparently all the wedding planning. Was just getting overwhelming and they they -- busy lives -- told people on Wednesday that it has said. Let's throw in the towel let's look good -- haven't heard the outdoor fair in their home in Nashville. But you have to things got complicated in. Arguments over. Olivia didn't even photos -- -- -- -- all over the place this. City got too crazy stuff that I. They decide to look you can't blame them I think I'm. Listen all these elaborate wedding plans all the money gets spent on just like Iowa -- down payment on -- -- -- For the down payment of the house and have a great honeymoon destination in them. Please central party -- she reached the point that Albright's get to where they want a low but never have the guts to actually -- -- have the guts she had the guts to do it oh. Yeah and so Jennifer Lopez he would always make fun of stars and say oh I don't like being -- spotlight my children and -- what can you imagine Jennifer Lopez's home. There was an alleged stalker for six days can't -- in her home. In the Hamptons can you believe that actually wasn't there she wasn't there will -- And one of her staffers kind of noticed -- obviously this guy was. Then Friday India the next day he pleaded not guilty on two fentanyl -- felonies. And two misdemeanors and being held -- Southampton jail in lieu of a 100000. Dollar bail and is really creepy six days inside the house and she's got children so luckily they let -- got about it. By the way she looks magnificent fantastic I'm happy listening to you and -- looking at these pictures I don't -- can -- not -- over Jay -- it's pretty amazing fantastic and. We've got at least they got this guy at least he's been charged into -- and it's kind of worse when you have these stalkers and they don't do anything quite crossing the line and I can't charge him -- -- -- a line. We got Georgia.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Ben Affleck will play Batman in \"Man of Steel\" sequel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20043960","title":"Ben Affleck Is the New Batman!","url":"/WNN/video/ben-affleck-batman-20043960"}