Ben Affleck's Run-In With Paparazzi

The actor says he kicked up his leg to set boundaries for celebrity photographers.
4:19 | 03/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben Affleck's Run-In With Paparazzi
Welcome back everyone it's time now for the skinny and we start with and -- -- like he's been in the news lately because he -- well. His movie -- -- one of the Academy Awards what awards one big. Well now he's in the news again because apparently he was seen and he's been accused of kicking the paparazzi with good reason with good reason I -- it just picking up his daughter serafina. -- -- four years old from school and she apparently was getting scared because they were so closing you know they get right here. And so he put -- legs out it's here now the -- -- saying he kicks them and he was being aggressive. But he isn't and he did say -- -- -- saying let's listen geysers Gary my kid gets in don't get too close you can even this far away and that's and he picked up his leg. So. It's it's it's your own private space I know that they're actors and everybody says well they signed up -- this didn't. He happens it happens to be very exciting when he -- And if you buy that logic even -- -- signed up for it but it's four year old daughter didn't have got to spend two daily had -- little -- -- this question of what she can get her since she's -- all the -- -- she's she was asking them to stop and go away and that she was saying they -- took us. Now like a little smarter. -- -- Jay -- Yes it could be coming down to the end -- and sources say anyway some sources say two high level industry sources have told the Hollywood reporter that NBC is preparing to retire Jay Leno. And -- Jimmy Fallon into that coveted late night spot NBC denies the claims but the sources say the network is planning a -- announcement. That to between thirteen 2014 season -- -- the last Jay Leno he's been offered twenty years. Jimmy -- speculated the move into battle and thirty time slot and the ideas that they want to attract younger viewers what. -- I'd seen involved and I will say this as possibly what they -- younger you are. I have to say like Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon just brings a spark to the camera at Atlanta eight songs he doesn't create -- yeah. I mean it's it's great gaps. -- how -- they couldn't back through a twenty year run as not to shabby and today I'm ancient and Scott retire some criminality -- The big news in modern family. Modern family that's right over the weekend they were in Kansas City doing a fund raisers and really actors. And they get stuck in an elevator with -- Fifteen other people how can you imagine my outlook leaving -- stuck with you in your. Buddies and -- make the -- -- fifteen strangers so they they -- the best -- that they they started taking videos and let's just want. It is Holmgren -- us out yeah. Funny stuff and -- -- isn't good sweet success and -- Says that filing that the elevator at the one hour mark at least the firemen in Kansas City are cute. Of that -- -- back. I Deri is -- -- street but very much clout he says I honestly handle being stuck in that elevator fifty minutes better than I thought. Jesse Tyler all he did was pass win. Imagine elevators can't get things. Love that they're funny on camera and are also cutting off camera they're real people and I you have it all's well that ends well they got out after an hour and they went on and had a really pumped up good fund raiser so this kind of work that well what she loved to have been a -- on the line -- -- After running it well America with a fly on the wall of all the -- -- -- -- and a lot of people speculate that they might actually do a sitcom episode based on which I think a lot of fun cars and their held area Tyler that I want my favorite TV. How happy I came down to this Rihanna and Chris Brown are always in the -- to feature artists they broke up because he'd be here he was in cars he broke up -- hand. And then she made only song that kind of room referred to him but not really. Well on now Rihanna apparently -- During a sultry -- for LUK. She revealed that she has plans to start a family -- what. Drum -- He is none other that -- man who beat her up a couple of years ago occur -- brown you know I had some -- have very good choices -- men some women. Want to have babies -- -- You know I think maybe he's as new man now I am. -- --

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{"id":18649828,"title":"Ben Affleck's Run-In With Paparazzi","duration":"4:19","description":"The actor says he kicked up his leg to set boundaries for celebrity photographers.","url":"/WNN/video/ben-afflecks-run-in-with-paparazzi-18649828","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}