Black Friday shopping tips

Finance expert Vera Gibbons, founder of, shares some key tips on how you can save big on Black Friday.
3:00 | 11/24/17

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Transcript for Black Friday shopping tips
So this morning personal finance expert here Gibbons joins us with her top six Black Friday shopping tips. Happy Black Friday if you're heading out this morning dressed comfortably and pack your patience. Along with bottled water and some snacks to state fueled after all millions of shoppers will be out there willing to brave the crowds often a love of of the tipped want to know what you want and where to get it at the lowest price point. This is your apps like BF fab dot net come in handy tip camp. Craft a game plan. You have to prioritize your shopping list listing each and you want first by store. And then by order of importance this puts the must have items at the top of the list and you can focus on finding those Ers. Tim Drake. If you're heading out with friends divide and conquer. Quantities of hot in demand items and door busters are limited. In some cases few as ten or twenty for store. You're more likely that snag those scarce deals it can separate. Four. No store policies is there price matching policy or is it exempt ever Black Friday. Can you make returns and within what time frame locked up for final sale items because these items typically cannot be returned. And if return of all expect restocking fees of 15%. Or more. Especially on electronics. Five. Shop safely. Carrying cash is a great way to stay on budget but credit cards give you the greatest protection and finally. Avoid impulse buys it getting swept up in the excitement of Black Friday and the monies saved. Often leads to impulse buys and overspending sticking to your predetermined but it will help prevent that parade holiday hang out her. I like everyone I'm hearing Gibbons for world news now.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Finance expert Vera Gibbons, founder of, shares some key tips on how you can save big on Black Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51358565","title":"Black Friday shopping tips","url":"/WNN/video/black-friday-shopping-tips-51358565"}