Brazilian COVID variant arrives in US

The viral strain is said to be more contagious. ABC’s Kenneth Moton has new details.
3:00 | 01/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brazilian COVID variant arrives in US
This morning another mysterious variant of the krona virus has arrived in the US a mutation first discovered in Brazil has now been detected in Minnesota. The state Health Department says the case involves a resident with recent travel history to Brazil but very. Is change that's that's what's known about viruses that it's mutating as is nothing new to science and nothing need to ask most importantly is. What today clinical outcome of those variations. Are are they need more deadly or are they not. Doctors say the -- virus has mutated thousands of times but three periods are being closely watched the Brazilian Berry impound a Minnesota set to be more contagious than the more common strains and a variant that originated in England now spreading an at least 26 states officials warned that strain could also be more deadly. They became convinced that it is in fact. A bit more of the area went namely me making it more difficult when you get to the point of serious disease. And even death so I believe their data. Doctors say the vaccines do work against the variance but they're also tracking a mutation from South Africa that to be tougher former dirt or vaccines to fight. So the company is working on a booster shot at number caution the south African variant has not been detected in the US but the bargain administration has an Albanian non citizens traveling from Mac country in addition to Brazil England Ireland and 26 countries across Europe. And beginning today a negative cove it tests are proof of recovery from the virus. Will we require for all air travelers arriving in the US in the meantime the race to back to mid American's is still inching along. There is really. Just or eighteen and frustrating after finally GRE able to get. President Barden is now aiming to ramp up to one point five million doses per day. He's hoping for widespread vaccinations by spraying but one of his top advisors says we may not see that until the fall I think this is going to take us. Into the fall we gotta get there before next or winter abide administration invoked the defense production act to expand vaccine production. But this morning the largest maker syringes says it doesn't have the capacity to increase supplies despite the backs and struggles California's one of many states now lifting stay at home orders. We're seeing a flattening the curve everything it should be up as up everything that should be down. It is down case rates productivity rates hospice nations ICU's. The governor said decisions on Corbett restrictions will be based on science but the Associated Press found some of the scientific data used to determine those restrictions in California. What's being withheld from the public when asked why state officials said the data would confuse a potentially mislead the public is made public Republicans are blasting the governor. Governor you have loss. They. And confidence. With the people of the state one. But for businesses the move couldn't come soon enough our people we're just ready to get back our clients are calling us they want to come in. And back to the vaccines more than sixty Covert vaccines are human trials of around the world eleven are in the final testing stages.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The viral strain is said to be more contagious. ABC’s Kenneth Moton has new details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75484818","title":"Brazilian COVID variant arrives in US","url":"/WNN/video/brazilian-covid-variant-arrives-us-75484818"}