Bullied 8-year-old opens food pantry

Cavanaugh Bell tells ABC’s Will Ganss how his kindness has inspired others and how they’re helping thousands of people.
2:20 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for Bullied 8-year-old opens food pantry
He and. We have enough bell and eight year old putting big giving in to Thanksgiving this season. Although social justice has been a passion of cap and Oz since pre K. When Mika. Me because I looked like you know it clad. After visiting his local City Council in Maryland and helping establish a bullying prevention month. Kava not prohibited his charitable efforts when Kobe nineteen struck earlier this year. Think he I we aren't you my. Sixteen. Dollars knee. Here. Or mag and in the end senior yeah. That's when folks began to notice the work the capital was doing and donations began to pour in. Cabin is Stanley setting up a community kitchen. I. How nice out. Kavanagh organizing to separate tractor trailer trips from his community pantry all the way to the pine ridge reservation in South Dakota. It's. And Katz says he's only getting started. And he. Is. So much so that Kavanagh and his mom set up a nonprofit called cool and dealt. What is your greatest wish for America. As we enter this next scene. Back. Our teacher better. Drink all that thinking ordinance went in and thirty yeah are not and sell. It India tell. Seeing. This amount I didn't mean yeah. Big amount of positive energy cannot told me he wants to be a football player mayor or a police officer. When he grows up for more information on cap and a find out how to help. Taken out at cool and dope dot com you guys. That very pensive look he had at the youth taking me your question will. Eleven. Did you check is worsens and again and I need verification of these eight years old and not. Like 76 as a way to look at Salazar. But that's.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Cavanaugh Bell tells ABC’s Will Ganss how his kindness has inspired others and how they’re helping thousands of people. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74375210","title":"Bullied 8-year-old opens food pantry","url":"/WNN/video/bullied-year-opens-food-pantry-74375210"}