Burgers Wrapped in Edible Wrappers

A Brazilian company has developed hamburger wrappers that can be eaten.
2:54 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for Burgers Wrapped in Edible Wrappers
Welcome back everybody what a few years ago this and company well equipped better develop -- they called. -- sales is basically is. And -- form of packaging for food that takes on the flavor of the -- that it is. Protecting certain -- this burger chain in Brazil called bombs has introduced an ad campaign that features edible wrappers. For its burger so he literally eat the -- right there with the rapping on as perfectly totally safe according to the company. That makes this -- -- those -- just too busy. -- -- You actually -- now. -- been raping two back either to US companies are trying to bring the same kind of packaging. Here to the US again this is in Brazil and right now believe it or not -- Ice cream business in LA where they serve ice cream sandwiches. It and I was actually -- music as you can get the wrap up -- salad and you hit the paper anyway. It is so there you don't miss tasty paper -- went -- to face it our laziness as a nation and culture. Has no bounds we can't always ran our burgers and maintain -- Who hasn't done that accidentally eaten some paper. We noted that what you get illegal that -- have a -- I how. -- way. I love this next game it shows President Obama is lighter side and he's dealt with so many tragedies. -- your hand during this weekend just during his presidency. What we have an intimate photograph taken by the White House photographer paint but it Epstein Sosa showing the president just joking around with one of his staffers children -- turns a corner and he confronts you know Spider-Man and answer pretends to be ensnared my wife and I just think -- just just wonderful that shows. -- and to have this as a result. Getting kind of see presidents -- humanizing context here is they are still regular you know men doing their due that they certainly -- much -- of the president today that he -- to the First Lady. Yesterday's. Yes -- -- flattering fox. Okay good look at all live with you were talking about apparently the -- -- tomorrow of course the mind powder 122112. So NASA has been getting flooded with calls pumped into the 300 a day calls and emails why won't NASA may have -- I don't get -- people them because these people clearly say. So they have posted this video with a -- which you already posted an early preparation for the world not ending to calm people down and take a listen to NASA's video common folks that. If you're watching this video it means one thing. The world didn't -- yesterday. And according to recently gathered southern Arizona and what does not -- necessary put this thing out to -- -- -- it's gone it's okay it's called why the world. And yesterday so its official release date is the 22. On Saturday but it's already out there for those of you need to watch him yeah. Just.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A Brazilian company has developed hamburger wrappers that can be eaten.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18023379","title":"Burgers Wrapped in Edible Wrappers","url":"/WNN/video/burgers-wrapped-edible-wrappers-18023379"}