Candytopia: A sweet, sweet treat

Get your sweet tooth ready! ABC News' Will Ganss takes us through a look at a real candy wonderland.
5:24 | 09/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Candytopia: A sweet, sweet treat
So forget the other things really do come true right now cities on both coasts and I'm thinking yeah as of yet. I you're gonna do it ideas and how I'm totally get opposite rooms. 600 evidence that extravaganza called can't eat healthy at ABC's most anticipated. Visit and he is here to tell us all about it will. I don't living vicariously through you and I gotta say you know I've done some fun assignment for you guys this is probably number one so. Involves a lot of candy and let me tell you. It's had no more than six. Suites seconds of being in candy Tokyo until I was ready to die writing literally all right him to a boulevard that's residents and representing can be GOP the Summer Olympics when it's money will bands. And not so fast they took a role. Because no Charlie gets into the chocolate factory without Willy Wonka meet John Goodman CEO of candy tell the F who gave me my golden ticket. People were reminded of their childhoods right and I think that's the main thing is that I've walked through different depths and different people executives of the companies and they always check can't stop smiling. It doesn't matter for three when you're seventy people are just having fun. And with that night delicious day began on a not so rocky road where else at the gates of hand until yet. But before we entered the colorful candy land of my dreams. John had a few clicks up his sleeve to show me. The first good example today. And since there's no shortage of sugar and magic here. A secret sliding bookcase and claustrophobia tunnel paved the candy cane lane to the front door a candy Sophia. Flamed out with some seriously special effects and at last I found myself in a world of pure imagination. How only. You know. The sights and smells and tastes hit me immediately. And if you need to get a bit of that glucose out of your system you can't. Or if you need a place to recover from a sugar crass. It got you covered there till my girls through. Or maybe if you're feeling like all of these tasty treats or your teenage dream come true. He's and a girl Katy Perry is on hand for some sugary sweet self feeds. Next stop fanatic light tunnel and the dance break obviously. Maybe it was my proximity to Katy Perry or maybe it was all the candy who's to say. But then we found ourselves in an art galleries. Featuring some seriously impressive hi cal culture. Whistler twist on the classics and tasty takes on modern pieces. Check out candy Carty. All. My best party. So far John in the folks a candy till field we're doing everything right down to the last comes. But then they left me alone for all of thirty seconds and and it crashed sending stacked kind me. Oops you. Maybe they need some dome Olympus on hand to help keep me corralled clock. Yeah Allen's sweet simple hard. Anyway back to our super sweet and now super supervised tour. Next up an amazing underwater room and a candy terms followed by the coolest confetti confections ever threw in another candy bring. Youth the coolest job well. I really do and as if we didn't have enough cotton candy contents of status fire instead Graham cravings already. John tunis these sweet social media sex. Including a trip he candy black hole. Which granted another candy break. Sanjaya enormous beach balls that are a lot harder to manage than they look and a life size the modes swing seriously. But they can't be crowned jet puffed tulips candy till Pia awaited us just around the corner. A full sized swimming pool. Filled with thousands and thousands of marshmallows. For all your high cal hi dive knees. They're not real marshmallows and they are regularly clean for anyone feeling a little hesitant about playing this person of candy way. So don't worry they thought of everything here even as he confetti and buying industrial sized fan so when you go back to work. Tony Snow you just spent the past hour exploring a dozen delicious rooms in this in this spot in midtown Manhattan. Oh at hand and I felt like a little child and make this sugar rice definitely helped senator. Best design and ever and now here eating candy if you guys talking about it not too bad enough so lucky you can just walk in the door and just eat all of this candy that she's seen and they have still like some people prefer chocolates and apple prefer like sour patch they have everything marshmallows you know. It called him. Down hole late can you do that again right one more time to again yeah Yahoo! go. And all. When you what do you want me to toss ignited at 30 here ago. It was a good at it out.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Get your sweet tooth ready! ABC News' Will Ganss takes us through a look at a real candy wonderland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57641366","title":"Candytopia: A sweet, sweet treat","url":"/WNN/video/candytopia-sweet-sweet-treat-57641366"}