Catching up with Lauren Simmons

ABC News' Briana Stewart caught up with Lauren Simmons to talk about her new ventures after she made history as the second black female trader on the New York Stock Exchange.
4:55 | 02/28/19

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Transcript for Catching up with Lauren Simmons
We're close an Arab Black History Month series with an update on the story we brought you several months ago beating all the odds 23 year old Lawrence Evans broke a major glass ceiling on Wall Street for women. But especially for black women and now she's embarking on a whole new challenge our own Rihanna Stewart has her story. She's known as the real life it was girl. Lawrence and through in just 23 fresh out of college. It broke the area being the youngest and only full time female trader at the New York Stock Exchange the first time I met her was on the trading floor. Last fall a little over here after she started. South. You have to go back having a boy's hands feet com. Why she took a leap. I'm leaving Georgia after earning her genetics degree. Kennesaw State University then headed to the Big Apple landing a job as an equity trader having no prior experience. She aced her required him becoming the second African American woman in US history to sign the New York Stock Exchange constitution. To make history and to become the second African American woman it meant so much all the girls are gonna come after me in all the women that have been before me. I'm happy that that was my first job in my career. I caught up with Laurent New York city's Nigerian hotel. Now like 24 she left the trading floor transitioning to private equity and term viral success story largely rooted in taking risks. Continues to inspire millions. I didn't realize how inspirational story would be an even today it had. Since left the trading floor how much. It's resonates with people the last place that had any owning a hat actors speaking engagement. But since we have spoken of started at five different countries Ireland Beijing grant came in Canada. And then this year alone. In Morocco to by day it is a world away in. She went from Lawrence Timmons the lone female stark traitor to Lawrence Timmons the brand. Partnering with major endorsers like Linkedin and in the line. And club Pilates even helping NAACP. Bring in at this sort of thing bell ceremony this week. My career can go beyond the world of finance Rolling Hills and Jesse are Smart enough to know that we don't have to be in a box you can change you can be willing. It's that same attitude that earned her spot in political 2018 women of impact and add the tower 100. Michelle was number alliance. Magazine rush L follow it that's amazing. Lauren featured in whose most recent episode of around the way speaking candidly about being a black woman in the finance world. Receiver might ask me especially. For my race engines it's one thing to me that this morning to you black woman. Some people might say why should we care act there's only 11 four and yet affect African American woman on the floor I would say diversity. Is a problem. You cannot implement diversity by only allowing people entry level positions and so for people who say why is it important. These are the stories that are going to you would change how the work. Morse takes her story now coming to the big screen actors accuracy Clemens then known for a vote them. Dope that just aren't and reduced line item. Signing deals ATC's studio. Here's he reached out to me personally and said I would like you which she does and she's sick I don't want to change your story. I just want to be great at telling their story and I say salt. We recently just got a writer and I got such use and are that process. I think they'll want them people finals acting you that you kind of neglect by the horns. You just get on today it's one agility share of it produced the movie it. I'm really about the growth this was self awareness and that's only gonna come when you put yourself. An uncomfortable situation again have been calling the real life here this girl but everyone has this carelessness and don't let life live me she used for not having a world of opportunities. And going for things he's never gone forward. And we're joined now by our amazing producer Rihanna Stuart bringing more black girl magic to the death Rihanna tell us what is next for Lauren. Well she has. A bunch of things in store as his have been a package of the movie she's also coming out with a book that's in disciplinary stages is going to be all about learning how to invest. Particularly targeting targeting them and then people of color. And we should say for our viewers are insomniacs its Rihanna and also due interest showing god they are they amazing extraordinary producers behind all of our Black History Month series. Protecting its three doctors madame CJ walker and now our fearless girl Richard thank you.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"ABC News' Briana Stewart caught up with Lauren Simmons to talk about her new ventures after she made history as the second black female trader on the New York Stock Exchange.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61381559","title":"Catching up with Lauren Simmons","url":"/WNN/video/catching-lauren-simmons-61381559"}