Cheryl Wills Digs Deep Into Her Family History

The anchorwoman recently released a children's book based on the story of her great-great-great grandfather, Sandy Wills, who was born into slavery and served in the Civil War.
4:07 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Cheryl Wills Digs Deep Into Her Family History
It is the stock in trade television journalists like ourselves to bring you the news of the day. Yes but very rarely are we given the opportunity to shine new light on pass events that can change. The way we view history but that's just what one of our colleagues here in New York City is doing with the story that's especially important during black history. For more than two decades Cheryl wills has been delivering the news of the day to New Yorkers on cable TV Cheryl wills New York one. And every week she delivers a different message to school children all across the country. Know your history. Happening here. This is a lot of the scenes I did and it could be hidden what in the book. Wills pens a new children's book called the emancipation of grandpa sandy wills it is the true story of her own great great great grandfather a slave who fought in the civil war. Ki moon once. Fit in these. There and act up. His mind these are hurting my Irish I have this thing now wish to get I don't. Squeezing into those tiny desk at PS 55 in the Bronx is used to be really big city may be big ones this climate science as well ultimately big time minds right now. Just I was curious why it's her family history matters to the rest of seeing my starring so you. Can see your ground that's really the other take away this is not just generals and when's the goal is now fantasy. It's really a call to action for all kids to say not my current father. I'm Mike great great grandparents probably did something to let me look insert. You know and that's what's cool is all about exploring and researching and digging deeper. Cheryl started digging deeper into her history years ago the book were counts a sad chapter that started that search her father's death when she was only thirteen years old. As she learned more about her history and specifically Graham Powell wills she thought this could be a teaching tool. I want kids to say you know what my family also walked through what ever chapter in American history and their importance to and when I don't learn about. You know the civil rights movement I need to figure out what was my family's role at that time. The book is really hitting home with kids especially these youngsters at PS 55. Deborah and good thank you for leaving aside. Located in one of the poorest congressional districts in the country many of the children here homeless they were as excited to see the TV lady. As they were to meet the woman behind the book and and ice including seven year old venturing. Comerica because there today for a second though you about the need help. Who was canned food by the way. Yeah. So I doubt we'll have and his fate and listen to this important takeaways than twelve year old brandy learned from the book. What actress and her privacy. Kindness. Nice used to think slavery was about kindness what was quiet week folks watching me. Oh. That's the key you need to build on that power. And that gets hits a home there house. The mother added to pull their pants. If you get to prove their pants up that we wanted to. Even want have been nor can there should be a gold star on matters on vehicles armored. She was just such a pleasure and this is her book the emancipation of grandpa sandy wills is in schools all round. New York City in buffalo and Texas as well. And what are the cool things about it is there's also an LA cut a Spanish version and there's Harry remarried dad and a Chinese version as well. I think it's a remarkable because kids really loved to explore and to get them to think about their own heritage in a way that. You know we student construction paper and you just read my mom is my dad is that this yeah really takes it to a whole new level though and that's great.

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{"id":37215752,"title":"Cheryl Wills Digs Deep Into Her Family History","duration":"4:07","description":"The anchorwoman recently released a children's book based on the story of her great-great-great grandfather, Sandy Wills, who was born into slavery and served in the Civil War.","url":"/WNN/video/cheryl-wills-digs-deep-family-history-37215752","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}