Chris Brown and Drake Sue Each Other

The aftermath of the nightclub brawl lands both stars in court.
3:19 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Chris Brown and Drake Sue Each Other
Come on Willis. I'm ready let's get their -- then okay shall we all remember. Those nightclub brawl that Chris brown and -- had last year and well now the two of them are at it again but in the courtroom. They have both decided to see each other and by the way. The French motto we're not -- A man or woman around Maine is -- and then. It also assuming about that yes three weight loss if she was -- in the -- -- -- -- a bottle to bottle toss to patter. You know what -- fishy because we saw the bloody pictures of the out of her her face. So anyway everybody's in court. What else is -- interest from either way this is not only -- he's he's involved in Billy are. You know millions yeah exactly me -- -- the ocean it's not Franco sprang to action dad never had them. Word here -- some fisticuffs. Chris Brown makes some good headlines soon Lee -- some -- for him. Also Tiger Woods everyone's favorite. The golfer back -- the news apparently there are new reports out that he and famous skier Lindsey Vonn are getting quite close she court. It was in the headlines too for that injury she took really bad false -- commission for a little while but expected to recover. Us weekly now reporting that they are getting closer they've spent time with each other's families. Her brother even gave the ski lessons to woods -- daughter Sam and son Charlie who shares custody with what is. Ex wife there. -- fuel the flames here woods gave ought to lift on his private jet last week. Following her -- accident that they -- the other championship game. Holiday they apparently according to People Magazine they talk big -- frequently -- the one source says tiger really does want a woman. We can have good conversations with he once shared interest and outlooks he is finding that. With Lindsay. Yeah. Cash Leon she's kind of like the bad girl of pop these days -- -- Others in -- documentary out on MTV called my crazy beautiful life there she is a share -- -- that she drank currently earning an effort to be -- scenes documentary. A bill holiday flat out disgusting but anyway she's always known for outrageous behavior apparently during the -- miniseries. Guys jumping out of buildings democratic airplanes as -- -- Jackson specializing a lot -- they want. Things -- -- nearer and drink well 88 -- they say that it does have powerful backs apparently well you're on your -- Usually after those I am surprised that they share this story I'm in love with for the morning Chubby Checker we on whichever -- rank near the twist and twist laughter okay. Suing -- factor for half a billion dollars because apparently there's a new -- -- there -- the Chubby Checker which allowed within. To estimate the length of -- bands yet. Failure based on his shoes -- so think about his name Chubby Checker there's an alcohol -- -- and basically. Estimates demands and whatever based on issues such of these obscenities in my name. Now wants them down once the money -- Okay.

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{"id":18509956,"title":"Chris Brown and Drake Sue Each Other","duration":"3:19","description":"The aftermath of the nightclub brawl lands both stars in court.","url":"/WNN/video/chris-brown-drake-sue-18509956","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}