Customs Systems Outage Causes Travel Delays at Several Airports

More than 4,000 delays hit airports across the United States.
3:43 | 01/03/17

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Transcript for Customs Systems Outage Causes Travel Delays at Several Airports
Lord that with some breaking news for travelers out there and Jamie US. Get a nightmare at some of the country's busiest airports here's some time lapse video showing a long line of passengers at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson. Airport and then in Miami heated exchanges at the airport there that airport services more international flights than any other in the US so it was a scene. Other chaos now the result of what's called a nation like customs processing system outage. Other airports that reported outages included Washington Dulles at Fort Lauderdale and several of the airports in New York area officials say. Customs agents had to access national security databases and all travelers were screen. During that outage so what happened here has. Book earlier. With the ABC's aviation analyst John Nance. The problem here is that everything facility that does not just what computers we shouldn't be put to get rid delicately ever laced system. That what it's working right you because the bleakest tremendous amount but the patient off. Who's going to deal on this flight killing him who's had probable. When they last scattered all these different. And without that currently system they've got get. Through parts of it produced the wrong paper for instance the the little people Korean well a particular aircraft entered flight. Or from other sources. So they're probably not having any problems we're doing all the horrible things that are done just six torrential that law at least so far reports all that this. Just be a pretty big deal if forums. You've done all poetry are used to just does have been right all through using the vehicle litre machines schools are probably or. Situation like this and so now everybody is going through the alliance. Which themselves are delayed so you can look at that an additional hour two hours. Before you get out of the airport this means that anybody with a domestic connection. May well we have trouble clinical tree is what a little social that we. Has sued them all the main utterly computer capabilities and she BP if it legal Dell overtook the whole system goes now to the extent. The machine that give your cumulative coming that was global entry will probably go down to. Right now this is guesswork we don't know for sure but more than likely in the big was all week for regular passengers going through the regular election. But also proposed a group that. These enhanced. Inspection programs. Cool moment pretty. Model where they can kind of clear themselves. So for there's no indication that said the Taj could be a ball here of course they'll look final postmortem is done don't precisely what apple. That would be too premature to. To declare it but more than likely there's been a very closed system. It's highly unlikely that we got a situation was sabotage or somebody. Accessing the basic database. The fact that this is one of the busiest travel days of the year including international travel. Also probably Yorkers and world of the fact that the system can get overloaded or at least is that used to a great beach. Spent at a higher level he would normally have during all week. Consequently there's going to be a time or to break down model it was posted here with the social probably the most likely. Extensive analysis there from our gymnasts can just imagine you get back from a twelve to fifteen hour flight from major and go here to the states and then. You have to wait ninety minutes to art. A lot of people are coming back today it so they can maintenance work by a running back last night round to make it to work today and some of them might be having to. Call out there jet lag one more day of vacation kind of didn't that the airport.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"More than 4,000 delays hit airports across the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44521744","title":"Customs Systems Outage Causes Travel Delays at Several Airports ","url":"/WNN/video/customs-systems-outage-travel-delays-airports-44521744"}