David Letterman Prepares to Sign Off

In interview, David Letterman recalls his 2009 sex scandal and who he thought should've replaced him.
3:18 | 04/30/15

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Transcript for David Letterman Prepares to Sign Off
All right Doug but I headlines new this morning and exit interview if you will for the reigning. Teams of late night. And about three weeks on May twentieth David Letterman. Almost as final show on CBS ending a run of more than 33 years on late night television. Longer even than his mentor Johnny Carson will be sharing his thoughts in an interview with the New York Times about his upcoming retirement including admitting that his ball from the CBS should have. Cut them loose. After that sex scandal in 2009 Letterman also admitted that in order of preference. He wanted Jon Stewart to replace and then Steven -- there and he thinks CBS. Should have chosen a woman or a minority. Woman or minority. Had. He paid the Canada but added ask woman or minority. And you'd be. The logic bust up up up up up up up. You've been very V seen way of dealing get nothing in my cell phone is not rigging and. 08 what is extremely ringing because you're a woman or minority should be pretty good you can get the job done arming and unit believe that you know love's got the job done fascinating in every news debtor. So many talking about that groundbreaking interview with Diane Sawyer. Yeah and that interview dinner revealed that the women he was married to knew his secret struggles with the gender identity in yesterday's show support. From his first two wives a picture posted by his second wife Linda Thompson. She is on the right there plant on June is right his first wife. Kristi Thompson posted it with a link to a portion of her memoir the article titled how living wit and loving Bruce Jenner change my life forever. The picture echoes the show of support from the interview when Diane Brad the women statements of love. And blowing up T genders third wife Chris chose not to comment for the program although she says she was never asked. Most are the big dreaming now only adds another good bye they would he say goodbye to his home this time his dream home that cable has been a week after Grey's Anatomy killed off its character. Agreements after his wife of fifteen years pop for divorce. Patrick Dempsey now putting is now those stayed up for sale. They designed home dubbed it tin house because of its. Metal construction was featured last year in Architectural Digest it sits on more than three acres in features 5500. Square feet. Including old rock climbing wall who loved rock Hialeah. Animal Koop said of forestall barn for the families supported. And. Dips in his wife Julian who bought this homeless in six years ago or so million bucks and elicited fourth. More than double that fourteen and a half million. Net profit last but certainly not least Taylor Swift decision lots of rumors flying which has a new boyfriend and a famous one at bat and Calvin Harris. One of the biggest deejay from the world can continue. Now all the clues they've been dropping over whether there dating or not we now have the most conclusive evidence yes it is not picked him. Well of Taylor's two cats named after TV character Dr. very brave for his anatomy and only the events in the long fame. They're supposed to pick pincer Graham and here's the kicker he apparently severely allergic to that that's not love I don't know what this will when what just happened. This summer I don't know what is he's allergic to with.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"In interview, David Letterman recalls his 2009 sex scandal and who he thought should've replaced him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30694802","title":"David Letterman Prepares to Sign Off ","url":"/WNN/video/david-letterman-prepares-sign-off-30694802"}