Diana Perez: Good Luck Wishes From Hubby

New "World News Now" anchor is greeted with warm wishes from her husband, Ducis Rodgers.
3:28 | 02/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Diana Perez: Good Luck Wishes From Hubby
Yeah revolving doors yeah Diana Perez our new limits. Co anchor world news help recycle -- went to -- -- -- don't talk about and doing well I think we were here before so it's a great to have you back. Back so the whole new chapter beginning error in here and indeed ended. We did have someone who you may know. Who wanted to officially walking to the show cowboy. Take something for Perez Diana -- never never heard of her. All my wife sorry for the confusion she never decided to take my last name. I'm -- Rogers I am Diana is will call up her other half not her better half and not. Honey I gotta tell you I gotta give you a lot of credit you came up with the most creative way. To get out of the 2 AM feedings. You gotta go to work. You gotta -- anchor the show world news now aren't so I'll be left at home all alone. With a four month old baby screaming at 2 AM 3M for him. Thanks in all seriousness congratulations honey I am so -- -- so happy I will certainly. Tape the show every night and watch it when I can get up in the morning arm and now I'm also really happy that. Everybody's gonna get a chance to meet the real Diana you know -- they've seen the street here Diana all professional and -- an anchorwoman. But now -- get to see whacky Diane and you and I know who wacky Diana. Really is and also one last thing for your TV husband rob rob I got a message for you Diana she doesn't really do -- lack of sleep all that well. Good luck with that. -- -- This man actually I appreciate that and they may recognize him because Busan was that he ESPN for while. Now a sports anchor for ABC in Philadelphia and Kelly -- you're right that's but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You that was the main that -- vertical that's the good that was cool and all -- -- -- have -- bubbled over your -- just about. -- -- -- This is adorable chatter look at those chunky Lang. That's a -- is biggest app. He and he -- had a mock accident. -- you and you sound like that that's -- cute little kid I just negative you. Let's -- take a moment to look back and when -- called Diana Perez through the years. Well I I -- -- -- and Palin. Look at like oh man look at what they know where we how old are you and that that. Time maybe years and years and was like my fifth grade kitchen mom always got mad at me when I -- -- -- is. You not a smile now I think that's the second. And to listen -- And terrible thing really about is like Victor and only got an I was wearing the -- is that my mother used to back -- -- -- And they and then I was invited them does she. You're a model now not at what I wish I was a model I took the picture that will -- on the look -- of the diet and -- no no movie literally no doubt he's currently. -- --

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{"id":18398983,"title":"Diana Perez: Good Luck Wishes From Hubby","duration":"3:28","description":"New \"World News Now\" anchor is greeted with warm wishes from her husband, Ducis Rodgers.","url":"/WNN/video/diana-perez-gets-good-luck-wishes-from-husband-ducis-rodgers-18398983","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}