Dog Saves Owner's Life After He Falls on Ice

Kelsey, a golden retriever, helped keep her owner Bob warm and conscious for 20 hours until help arrived!
2:52 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Dog Saves Owner's Life After He Falls on Ice
Christopher makes software theft or mr. actually. Owner this morning is very thankful to his dog for saving him. From the freezing snow when he drove us next season McLaren. Northern Michigan hospital all of them possibilities a statement saying that the Doug capture owner warm. By laying on top of him in licking his face and hands to keep them away this is after Bob slipped and fell in the snow. He's paralyzed now but still alive all day. Q tell it. You've done and is a bit of a heartwarming story there. Got to move on now and apparently there's a reason why you crave junk food after you've been out. On a Bender. I reality yet at night so there's a new study and it was done by scientific American and they found that alcohol actually switches of the brain. Into starvation mode increasing hunger and appetite. Scientists have discovered that it's not lowered. Inhibitions which costs are predilections towards pizza so some I thought yes it's not your fault. It's in lower I don't know why you go home with we go home well that's your. That's your problem what it. If you crave an agenda that we're yourself virtue of their anything that any event that you know millions investments a month's visit Pickering. Moving on to the name of its and you can probably only say if you're drunk Amazon that it is it bragging a little bit but I'm really get a shot. Brokers mr. so this is a Welsh village called. Blend fare well in Norway inning killed go heard this worm their realm will end do you still lean go down about God's well. That's its. If you think he's half sitting here LX event. Take it away and that person. What's the longest place name in you read. Do they don't give thanks name and unit is so much Tennyson sample queen Joseph come to reach landfall Valenti says he'll go go go to the longest ten while you were. Hours of allows got. That's what I if I had got China and I don't wrap I think Alexa put them wrong emphasis on the wrong celeb got the end fashion. Right now to this guy who. You know I always make an of the kid on YouTube who says like turtles OK so there's this guy who admitted that he likes squirrels. That's his favorite animal so. The read it world has now sent him. Lots of squirrel related. Gibson host wow caption I mentioned to my friends that. Squirrels are my favorite animal at receives oral related gifts every Christmas since the dead. We convicted of T shirts. Is what gets me the most beautiful it is awesome. For a month wallet and.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Kelsey, a golden retriever, helped keep her owner Bob warm and conscious for 20 hours until help arrived!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44728892","title":"Dog Saves Owner's Life After He Falls on Ice","url":"/WNN/video/dog-saves-owners-life-falls-ice-44728892"}