Donald and Shelly Sterling, Magic Johnson and the News of the Week

Nigerian Girls, Wildfires and 9/11 Museum made up the week's headlines.
2:34 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for Donald and Shelly Sterling, Magic Johnson and the News of the Week
That's why -- we got news headlines jam packed with denials and apologies there was also one of jubilation and bittersweet goodbyes we close out the -- now with our Friday -- -- There has been made racist remarks that were recorded on tape I don't really think he's a racist do you think your husband should apologize to have -- He made loved every girl in every city and that in America that he had aids and winning those aids -- what does. My synagogue and I pray for him he's living in the stone faces. He can't make Dole's comments about. African Americans Latino teaches kids put in these girls -- Barack and I see our own daughters. Men don't like your ugly things into reruns of basketball. Local by the -- because -- don't -- -- inserted by -- -- 35 years and this is some of the most. -- -- -- They didn't tell you. Going haven't seconds in fact I think he's given everything -- does not think. Museum is a place where you can come to understand nine elevenths. The lives of those who were killed and the lives of those who rushed here to help. Now -- stations really got brain damage. -- does that novelist Ian really don't say because she's still greater than. We're ago it doesn't matter as long as I get to play happened -- Jersey. -- my back is just awesome. And had a lot of fat girls. I'm making you represent all the got. Sometimes. How that I played this tomorrow. And paving the there's so many of -- fabulous and fully intend. Aaron of course you want to remind you about a special feature for our FaceBook and the -- goalie -- -- featuring all the highlights from the week. Check it out to slot on the W and and fans. -- got. Sometimes it's -- highlights -- the -- -- since -- absolutely that's just as much by the -- -- Barbara Walters what you can't take too much -- -- -- big day today and ABC always shows -- features big special tonight -- but we want to send -- a very special congratulations to your little girl found -- -- talented you know talent show last night at school and should play the piano and you're not some she was awesome she totally analogies -- was that a -- -- and then and then. I don't know in the name -- it she played it was. One like CNN -- one she nailed it. Congratulations like --

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Nigerian Girls, Wildfires and 9/11 Museum made up the week's headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23743857","title":"Donald and Shelly Sterling, Magic Johnson and the News of the Week","url":"/WNN/video/donald-shelly-sterling-magic-johnson-news-week-23743857"}