'DWTS' Surprise: Billy Dee Williams Bows Out

77-year-old Billy Dee Williams quits the competition because of a chronic back issue.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Surprise: Billy Dee Williams Bows Out
Tied up the skinny and the latest -- to step off. The stage Dancing With The Stars that's right week three have seen this eighteen -- Billy Dee Williams and and the Slater fouling out but they weren't voted off Williams is retiring from the competition under the guidance of his doctor. The 77 year old says that he has a chronic back problem and it's kept him from continuing to -- -- alongside his pro partner. That was later. You know I've -- -- -- brilliant. Fantastic blast over time it. -- Last night also -- its first guest judge of the season checked her out our -- Robin Roberts. Looking amazing doing when Bruno and Carrie and -- are due to -- the job here and yet she loves -- It's so. Opening occasionally issue -- at the very beginning you know if I were home I'd be screaming along with everyone else and then at one point she told what if I ran home might be yelling at you for saying -- -- The dancer -- you can tell she's a fan of this show she watches this show religiously and she hadn't. Personal things to say about all of the dancers -- Great at everything he -- yeah. It was fun to see that we are El Granada -- Williams he's about to hang his hat on the boys start NBC is saying that the singer of the night hit happy. They're going to replace clo green on the show's seven season green admitted last month as he deals with his legal issues. Williams is on the show was a guest mentor working with usher and his team during the voices fourth season -- a Grammy winner and Oscar nominated songwriter producer so you might say he knows what he's gone. There are some other big news -- all the music and new release from Michael. Jackson epic records in conjunction with the estate of the late pop singer will release an album titled. -- -- The project features eight new tracks can temper rising suns from Texas are -- Thanks Dave will also be available -- exhibition which will include all of the source Michael Jackson recordings in their original form the new release. Will be out on May thirteenth. Arts and congratulations and order this morning actress Sara Gilbert and musician Linda Perry of four mom along the couple got married over the weekend and -- co host on the talk spill the beans on yesterday show calling the ceremony amazingly beautiful and magical. They said it was at sunset overlooking the ocean but stopped -- more revealing too much. The -- -- on -- honeymoon Gilbert's co host promise she will share her wedding pictures when she returns this show on Monday. We take a look at some celebrity -- stood -- -- now we begin with singer and actress Debbie Reynolds -- turns 82. News talk show host Rachel Maddow she's 41 that's right and singer Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum turns 28 years old. Happy birthday to.

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{"id":23138659,"title":"'DWTS' Surprise: Billy Dee Williams Bows Out","duration":"3:00","description":"77-year-old Billy Dee Williams quits the competition because of a chronic back issue.","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-surprise-billy-dee-williams-bows-23138659","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}