Last Minute Easter Gift Ideas

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht has a round-up of toys for Spring.
4:40 | 03/26/13

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Transcript for Last Minute Easter Gift Ideas
Easter is now less than a week away and if you haven't planned how you're going to fill those Easter baskets because some great ideas last minute ideas he worth more resort quarry insider mom. Laurie -- glory welcome back. -- -- -- -- -- Q did you know that the chocolate bunny and has been -- Easter to -- tradition front almost 200. Years I didn't know that. But the tradition into my -- but that we aren't trying to get those sweeps away from the kids. Sell -- -- -- telling -- is great online campaign hopes to eat chocolate bunnies dot com. So infant death eating chocolate -- seem them it's filled with coupons and sweepstakes for parents to get toys. And let's talk about making an eastern and let's do it what do you do you can -- -- with things -- -- so inexpensive and fun. Light. On bracelet charm that is -- so little charm bracelets and girls pick in the dark chocolate and Anthony not chocolate -- -- we had these beautiful little television Christina Park was slowed by the Hollywood love that she would love it. Yet bunnies and chicks. We have surprised the weather's gonna work truck so this is -- to -- -- inside so when they're trying they're gonna get little characters inside -- He's ready for spring grouping should have but you're not she's got her pink shoes and it would -- -- all right but to beat east. First Easter society's first thing actually remember that thanks so this is our -- -- bunny. Really sweet it's class would be. An apparent government. So we have music we have found some really soothing for -- eight. -- we can attach it to the -- -- the -- Babies were -- and and then we have -- not the time babies also for babies perhaps so beautiful doll she's -- she's got a final face easy to clean and she is saying spring while over the little goodies come off to a -- -- what was it -- Toddlers he has not -- -- this but -- liability though and it's also problems subbing for the first time in them yet so comfortable let these little cards you can see the -- and have to look at the cart and recreate what they see here with the Bible blocks. So find pretty key aides and of course that'll keep the bill outstanding okay. Talk about -- put these republics these are beautiful folk minus -- at what kind of animal might do you have that I and you -- hot -- for -- Chanukah I had. Had this beautiful goose senators who will not help parents tell stories still could be at bedtime story can Wear something traditional that what -- -- for the holidays but it's Easter would -- -- celebrating. Just -- kids get older. And they gonna start telling the story isn't doing puppet shows from mom and hadn't would you -- -- I didn't get any ad. That. Very good to have had that concludes my puppeteers yeah -- well -- -- -- played a target older every year and she still does this will never that we bring to come as a -- fine. I'm we have cupcakes and -- a new compound. That school -- plots and I haven't played a lesson here aren't or any need -- perhaps in the -- -- that she now I want you to cross the cupcake yes just push that you'll see. It's much softer and try to do the world. It's kids can really OK so this is not that -- -- itself I'm gonna help -- -- economic so what happens is it's much more detailed when it comes to public played out smells like laid out okay. Well all right like you -- it. Even letting -- -- but it's a lot of fun -- -- -- about compounds confident stood. -- and now it's springtime -- And it's going to be exactly as I was not immediately to do is -- I think there is now hex but bought Arabs turning -- -- -- around that very thought look at. It's that freaky moment yeah I decide which of these your voice -- they're really cult died standing helped a cat yet he's gonna just -- -- -- sky different sky reflect heat Arnold a lot of fat -- I can't inexpensive easy -- -- and -- like this should hold this is -- what to 200. Fifty feet. How many 258 kids relentless and it's a whistle sent. We're very and break getting credit -- -- I doubt that at that right there. And we didn't. Can I think the ultimate. Com that's leading man and I'm skipping your can't you know if you have -- sky -- -- -- and this is that it's got everything -- -- backpacks blanket skies -- Jack. That -- you even make a lot to you. You can build your own style Anderson this isn't Boston -- it you have this -- we understand this is your ultimate Easter basket. I'd like to me what I want this guy lenders basket and chocolate -- you got -- -- -- -- got into the bank Hugh Laurie we appreciate great stuff.

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{"id":18811827,"title":"Last Minute Easter Gift Ideas","duration":"4:40","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht has a round-up of toys for Spring.","url":"/WNN/video/easter-gift-ideas-2013-laurie-schacht-18811827","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}