Emotional moment of forgiveness

A former Dallas cop found guilty of murdering a man in his own apartment is given an emotional embrace by her victim’s brother after being handed a 10-year prison sentence.
3:14 | 10/03/19

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Transcript for Emotional moment of forgiveness
Good Thursday morning ever thank you for joining us we begin with two very different reactions to the former Dallas police officer now sentenced to ten years in prison for murder overnight a heated scene played out on the streets of Dallas is protesters outraged by that sentence faced off with police. While chanting no justice no peace officers were seen arresting at least 1%. The crisis came hours after a jury sentenced former officer amber Geiger for shooting her neighbor. In his own apartment she'd faced the possibility of life in prison. As protesters gathered the victim's family asks for people to focus on at this moment of forgiveness in court Wednesday. Right here when the victim's brother asked if he could give his brother's killer. Overnight emotions running high in Dallas. I just. Protesters hitting the streets. Even blocking intersections out. Crowd angry at a former police officers ten year prison sentence for murder. How do you have. Anything like that might be like you let this bed that night. A jury convicted amber Geiger of murder for shooting her neighbor both and John. She claimed it was an accident when she injure John's apartment mistaking him for an intruder. Prosecutors wanted a sentence of at least 28 years at told John would've turned on Sunday two years' imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice but the sentence handed down means Geiger could be eligible for parole in five years. Earlier on the stand tiger's mother asked for leniency sheepish. She could take taken this class then this emotional moment when both from Johns eighteen year old brother took the stand to address Geiger. If you truly are sorry. I know. I can speak for myself I. Question views you. I know if you go to god and asked him. He moves are you here digital myself not even Basilan. But I love you just let anyone else. Then he turned to the judge kept. Kennedy were please. Yes. That moment even surprising tiger's lawyers. We've got decades of experience sitting in front of you. None of us have seen anything like that. Who is humbling. Amazing moment this morning John's family says they except the jury's decision. I do not one. It's to mystique forgiveness. Responsibility. He. Who since most think responsibility. For the actions. Again it's not because he's from heat and have a right to reapply that he couldn't being bad days and painfully. And both m.'s family also claims there was an attempted cover up by the police department. The police chief says she's locked during an internal investigation.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"A former Dallas cop found guilty of murdering a man in his own apartment is given an emotional embrace by her victim’s brother after being handed a 10-year prison sentence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66028464","title":"Emotional moment of forgiveness","url":"/WNN/video/emotional-moment-forgiveness-66028464"}