Father's Day Breakfast

Just in time for Father's Day, Chef Bailey provides tips for cooking breakfast in bed.
4:32 | 06/17/15

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Transcript for Father's Day Breakfast
It's almost here this Sunday is a day to pamper data and chef mark Daly the author of cooking and boxers is back again for Father's Day breakfast and bad. Good morning mark Mexico and I give thanks for having me happy Father's Day if if I don't let's hear it now though you're saying part of a good policy gift is knowing your that knowing your dad definitely and I have some great things here for the different types of dads out there you know the right let's start to get right out. Good you know drinks of course. Coffee kind of sort you're dead as a coffee connoisseur you might want to get a French press IC think that's a great gift. But you know if you the punished or he'll know that. Cold brew is the new hot broke and so it's really think we just don't use coal water ice and suffering that you can use the French press that Caribou Coffee here which is a great coffee used to this. Omnivision sees a present push it down and and you gotta love a good call and it's similar Tumblr something like that it's cold it's it's it's done in this event I'm the exact hunger doesn't take longer and if you can't do the whole thing at home you make it just went out to your local coffee shop in. Maybe get the cold with the once again they had a great cobra Lama over there and French press is fast yes and accept. Yes and then of course you know another kick of a different sort we have the caffeine now we got a little Tabasco kid. A bloody Mary I mean it's perfect affects my scenario we this and before you know Father's Day and I think it's February but that's best when there. Covered so hey make a quick goblet of married any special this one who know nothing really special forces' assaults basically you know tomato sauce vodka. With a little luck in there as well as yeah that's commendable salt. And I guess it depends on your damaged by the unit but it kinda got to know my god of love to be known about that yeah he would love it so yeah take a little more than others aren't so what's now. Something the kids can make this is an overnight apple pie putting. And so in the simple ingredients that you know kids like in the kitchen and make them for debt I is great material for this. Then you got them on yogurt could you also use milk. And then there's apples he does that allow you to throw some omens and there. You've seen develop overnight input nerve center and turns into this great putting even as he's Mason jars to make these I think it's kind of presentation and little wind and charm makes it looks at Minnesota not fit the don't want to get the kids can get in there and that the adults aerial image given their inning you know make something funky and makes going to doing some to forget exactly whenever into the main course as breakfast courthouse course we unsavory I mean for thrown got a breakfast skillet low skill is because it's just throw everything in one hand. Dad feels like he's getting a really good hearty meal because you get the entire skill at its offer him. In this I got begin ham as well as sausages keep the party you know for dad I think that bluff hearty meals that kids ready to business and definitely no kids involved they can make this but now the parents we've given them the wife whoever dealt with getting our president has yet. But healthy are two alternatives yet. That Turkey sausage certainly had a mediated you can hardy up any other way rivers be vegetables whether you're a seafood restaurants and that's a clip that as well it's really use OK what you got back here until this week so now this is necessary to do you think I could finish the men Allman tanking and -- just any paintings if you're dead works out and like I do you know you ease interested in knowing that protein is in there so I use premium protein just throw it in the data you actually use actual. Seek some people as he's utterly Houston area madame for the most part if you use that it works well with the pancake batter and he got like thirty grants extra protein. Let's instead of milk or water use this use you can do is premature to debate his sort of powder milk no not at all in fact that the Vanilla flavors and I see lends to the flavoring a little bit and that would been and at the moment he can't be. Is that when you talk that's EE have brought this in mind yes he had his future have spent you gotta remember what. Taylor it to him yeah her other senior debt like if that my dad loves it just didn't put he would love the good injuring filming what exactly but it of the coffee connoisseur you doesn't wanna go with like you know Colebrook. OK and that any anything you think you can do about like presentation to make it. Certain special that day you know what I'd want to get like if that I love the breakfast trays I love the idea of giving a whole skillet let it seemed like he this is presented just to him. You know so I would Taylor than does the look of it just for your death. Just treat gas I like the newspaper machines around there you know stuff like that Ed and if the kids are involved in your adult figure. You know why the message from the U wanted everybody and everybody should be involved definitely and so I would have done bring in the putting something like that may. Mark thank you somebody. And I felt some great ideas very easy to do thank you for being here you can find these recipes. Or marks website that Sasha Bailey dot com and of course I'm WNN fans dot com. Happy Father's Day you're watching world news now. Thank you treason I've looked so.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Just in time for Father's Day, Chef Bailey provides tips for cooking breakfast in bed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31822242","title":"Father's Day Breakfast","url":"/WNN/video/fathers-day-breakfast-31822242"}