FBI hunts for rioters who stormed Capitol

Authorities have also launched a manhunt for the person who planted pipe bombs around the capital. ABC’s Faith Abubey reports.
3:04 | 01/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI hunts for rioters who stormed Capitol
Breaking overnight police are launching a manhunt for the person who planted pipe bombs around the capitol Wednesday. Investigators are offering a 50000 dollar reward for any information and releasing this image of the suspect. That person who one of dozens of suspects wanted for the role in Wednesday's K ops. And the mob taking over the capital erecting effigies and hanging new uses. Some rioters armed with pepper spray. Others using stolen police shields to block the cascade of maize and smashing windows with makes it to battering rams. Once inside rioters ransacking the building. Destroying offices stealing furniture even taking official letters from speaker Nancy Pelosi death. Upper corner on yeah in the Nazi. Right. Inside the house chamber as surreal scene after the inherited the capital. Air from the windows yelling in shouting. And protesters I was speaking in my mind if there was me. I broached security and somebody came in ripped a semi automatic. What do we do mommy Chris jumping in to help police barricade doors. There were shaking on that door I mean they wanted he added. This area drawing time here's one they started breaking the glass door. And now we're learning just how dangerous the situation once. Why fire arms were recovered including a military style assault rifle soup are full and functioning pipe bombs. As well as eleven Molotov cocktails authorities say were quote readied ago. The capitol building now surrounded by seven foot high fences. And thousands of additional National Guard troops are headed to Washington but new questions are swirling after images emerged of officers seemingly opening up the arrears for the mob. This one even stop to take a stealthy with one of the people in the crowd. While another person was allowed to walk away despite breaking into the senate chamber we can't. Allow. Terrorists to come in and invade the capital of the United States is completely unacceptable. The chief of capitol police now resigning amid backlash over the failure to control the situation there was no our intelligence that suggested there would be a breach of the US capitol. Still some officers are denying they knew of any security threat. Despite intelligence documenting messages on social media pointing to potential acts of violence. We were told that was all in place. And that this was there is no doubt that they were. Completely able to keep us secured in the capital. Meanwhile concerns about the risks to national security prosecutors say the writers stole a trove of items including potentially sensitive documents. And now officers are using social media to try to identify the suspect in the violent attack more than eighty people now arrested.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Authorities have also launched a manhunt for the person who planted pipe bombs around the capital. ABC’s Faith Abubey reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75130012","title":"FBI hunts for rioters who stormed Capitol","url":"/WNN/video/fbi-hunts-rioters-stormed-capitol-75130012"}