Friday Rewind: Two best friends turn out to be brothers

Take a look at the this week's top stories, including the two best friends who later learned they are brothers.
2:59 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Two best friends turn out to be brothers
All right well this is that the final week of the year which of course means this is that for our final Friday rewind of the year and not ever hasn't been eating and drinking manly we have been busy. Green you. Then news here and eating right which is when my dress and Titanic here's a look back it's not our favorite moments of the week. Two men from Hawaii your best friends they've been friends for sixty years because they learned today our Brothers. Sort of shocked. This jog their way thought about it. Compared four arms in. Their yards and that did it. The FBI's investigating how a funeral Brothers with a single boarding has gone on flight went 75 from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Model Christie Degan was on the on the fun Airways flight with her husband singer John Legend she treated as a flying first for me. Four hours into an eleven hour flight and we are turning around because we have a passenger. Well isn't supposed to be on this plane and then there's this passenger who posted his very first tweet while on the plane he wrote my first we can't be more epic than miss just survived an eight hour LAX to LAX flight. The Chrissie Keegan. And John Legend for many supermarkets delivered but a California mom to be wound up leaving her own delivery. As you walk into a story president to buy a soda she. Collapses at a table and start screaming in pain the store's workers stepped in to help the butcher used his apron to catch the newborn. And they say that day so we've blurted out. Vick is an artist on Christmas Day in the spirit. The hope Christmas. Painted a giant penis on the side of a public building. It's my. A V acquired. Now named it has aroused plenty of debate it was not in little Italy. Now. There was other lower east side. No look the lower tip of Manhattan it's out there are more people are upset about it we we went there the big job for that people who didn't it was a quickie. And it was a brick with. A look at fears they thought it was a subway map. At birth certificate and last very long. The GO you know you're saying when that story was growing that you really think that Kevin Durant block and LeBron actually. Was illegal and you don't tell us more about that it was so clutch. It's a super clutch and end and look we just can't stop showing you. This that we Kessel talking about this because it's so clutch. Sports. And now. Geo news and sports analyst. Why is there of but don't think any mid. This go to clubs do it but it's a I think the governor added again at some rumors that a lot and I can't thank you for watching us this past year it's not over yet we ain't over yet it's not done. Now.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Take a look at the this week's top stories, including the two best friends who later learned they are brothers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52041419","title":"Friday Rewind: Two best friends turn out to be brothers ","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-best-friends-turn-brothers-52041419"}