Friday Rewind: Refugee Crisis

Taking a look back at this week's top stories, including a tense confrontation between Hungarian police and traveling refugees.
2:42 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Refugee Crisis
Finally from us when we expect we will never forget those images seemingly endless lot of refugees pouring across Europe and of course smoke pouring out the British Airways jet. We seconds from disaster those were two of the most indelible moments. But our Friday rewind foods many others as well. And. It's a biblical forces you know the people are coming quicker than we don't know the school it is. A night. Caught only if from then and then from did it end this. War and everything now you're worried that the Hungarian police are gonna stop you. Tell us I have. I didn't. Say different processes. Hebert twenty that he could be tied to the predominately. Otis suddenly could just now the flames and yet she gets on the left hand side of the winds on the conceived black smoke I just wanted to get off the plane and to stand I've. I heard a loud bang. It's Arnold I don't know if this is a copycat crime. If it's multiple people there is no pattern for time it's been different days a week different hours of the day. Yeah. Around it and you. Love the courage of her convictions. Was more important. Than simply even her own freedom. I did not send or receive. Any information that was marked classified at the time. My brother probably didn't control the Republican congress spending. I think I think he should have brought the hammer down on the Republicans when they were spending way too much. I've been doing gales for a long time that's what I do never. Ever and ever. In my life have I seen any transaction. Sell it confidently negotiated. As our deal with Iran. It's in happened and I decided something and then they we'll deal with with the police and then wolf on Soledad say internally and you know hopefully there is there's video evidence and you can see see without. What's it like to be the arm candy and a relationship. Don't talk in this lesson that exact. Just being shiny yeah day shiny pretty yeah yeah that's mostly what I do. Episode but it but if you didn't if any of world news now this week don't forget you can relive our highlights check that are FaceBook page W Lennon fans. Dot com our weekly in case you missed it raffle will fill you win see that W. And and fans are comments in the mentioned and big week ahead and into the bay rays today and when he went to them maintenance and.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Taking a look back at this week's top stories, including a tense confrontation between Hungarian police and traveling refugees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33680093","title":"Friday Rewind: Refugee Crisis","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-refugee-crisis-33680093"}