'Game of Thrones'-inspired workout

ABC News' Will Ganss takes us to Sword Class NYC, where enthusiasts can let out their inner medieval knight and work up a sweat.
4:04 | 02/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Game of Thrones'-inspired workout
We've Terry is coming. Just in time for the final season of HBO's game of grown so intense new work out called armored combat league. Or mid evil and then name is allowing participants to channel their inner and outer John Snow. Ads like kit Harrington signed me out. Well not so fast lot of what we do is is defunct movie that's right because it is a martial art is training and in this hard. Yeah hard armored combat league is described as a hard hitting an adrenaline pumping extreme sport. Or armor clad fighters clash on the battlefield and in tenths Baylor. In fact it's the topic of the new show on History Channel called midnight tonight the before any night fighting a -- goes down a little bit attorney. Every armored combat Li class here it sort class NIC starts with night saint. She is high intensity. Conditioning training car radio. Strength training. So is really get some blood pumping against you in shape ferry. People who participated ACL can Wear upwards of 100 pounds of armor so they have to be in shape. And after several rounds of interval training to push ups Russian twists. Bear crawls. I was feeling pretty good to have a quick Ryan Reynolds yes or area. Well it's unfortunate. But then my dreams of being creamy rich that. A combat partially armored combat. Our instructor Derek breaking down parts of the takedown. Right. All of us were okay we'll. At this point I would silently praying that I would die. Which I did it thanks to you my new sweaty brother from another mother Orlando who taught me how to master a take down. Then this is my turn. But for captain non confrontational this would take some getting used to it and feel. Himself up. If I have heard you have to tell me after a lot of practice I sort of got the hang of it thanks again for. At a bit and then we got new partners walked. You do it. It's but they. Like everyone at sort glass MIC he was very patiently and a great teacher. Finally. It seemed like I had earned my stripes or at least part of him Orlando lets down its armored helmets and change now. Which was very happy and thank goodness. This. It doesn't hurt it didn't below its not my favorite thing that I've done. Running the late renounces Carty ill right. For the record running away does. On his party no side sort of got that right the also offers the Japanese fencing styles class or if you want some things a little more chilled they have other yoga like sword classes that are bit more meditative. I can not like there is literally something for everybody in this city into a little. Sore. Class dads a lot of just legs and kind of addicted but I imagine Jett died training would be like. And when he realized jousting partners are Angel then she got weird sound I think until they get it did you master the takedown of Angel. I think. If we go back in deeper into the footage I think Angel is kind of just don't me abound and you know hit head and neck and tail fall over now but. Yeah home how do you find we'll go willing yeah it does angle via I is a group of how can I get John snow's pads and that was the first thing I've done. All right let me think. Yeah.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss takes us to Sword Class NYC, where enthusiasts can let out their inner medieval knight and work up a sweat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60906380","title":"'Game of Thrones'-inspired workout","url":"/WNN/video/game-thrones-inspired-workout-60906380"}