Clooney Ex Stacey Keibler Ties the Knot

The former wrestler got married less than a year after splitting with George Clooney.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Transcript for Clooney Ex Stacey Keibler Ties the Knot
It's getting shot and we start off with a surprise wedding George Clooney's ex has tied the knot with her boyfriend less than a year. After the split with Clinton -- I think he Keebler Mary Jerry cold -- and it secret ceremony in Mexico on the beach. They've been friends for -- is and they just started dating this past fall people -- a former pro wrestler and model -- Clooney for two years but when they broke up. Source told us magazine the couple hadn't had sex in months unknown. Troubled. Explain that to a guy who knows -- Saturday Night Live and pretty awesome first appearance by girls creator producer and star. We Madonna -- was as usual witty adorable but Saturday night you prove that she could take her offbeat sensibility to -- wider audience. If you've ever seen girls on HBO you've probably seen gonna make an additional one -- -- -- on the -- and have a little fun with it -- playing even a sketch about many. He's saying and the like I suggest you don't -- -- definitely don't. I can't meet -- yeah. All right -- 47 year old even referenced the nudity and -- show her opening monologue referencing the old saying about not picturing the audience naked right. -- offered a twist on that saying it would also be helpful to imagine that the audience hasn't seen the host. -- -- That's what Harry Chandler -- very -- bags you another HBO hit show which was still popular last night it quite. Crash the network's online feature -- shows true detect them and last night's season finale knocked out HBO go which stream shows online. The networks weeded out due to overwhelmingly popular demand for true detective. We've been made aware of an issue affecting some users please try again soon. -- predictably many fans took to Twitter and FaceBook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can still watch it the regular HBO channel and -- detective which stars Matthew McConaughey Kate averages more than. Ten million viewers on a regular NIC can only imagine how many people were trying to tune in for the finale even more than that you wanna see something and it's not there you clear your schedule all you know -- to be at home and why do you when that happens. Right you can probably file this next story under it was only a matter of time. Charlie Sheen reportedly acting out again and is. Some causing some big time drama right now for his show anger management. The Hollywood reporter said he admits several days of work causing the studio to push back production and use stand -- for some of the scenes. And that is not the first time that she has caused problems on the show he actually fired one of his costar -- methods last year even though. He did not have the authority to fire people certain power Marcy gotten -- Marcy your -- Thanks a lot to appreciate he's got my hands -- -- think that -- singer Adam Lambert will have some big shoes to fill when he goes on tour with queen. The -- yeah Lambert along with the -- made the announcement last week the legendary British band has played with Lambert in this half. He's always been a really big fan of the late thirties -- -- they consider it Mercury who died in 19911. Of the greatest rock singers of all time. -- very very big shoes to fill there and the -- kicks off June 19. In Chicago middleman trying to -- Freddie Mercury should know what you just users don't you just exactly what are the best annual stocks -- try to imitate them again -- right now a look at today's celebrity birthdays actor and martial law this. Tough travel time channel 74. This beautiful Sharon Stella turns 56 today looking fabulous mad men's Jon -- celebrates its 43 birthday singer Carrie Underwood turns 31. As Olivia Wilde turns thirty happy birthday everyone's.

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{"id":22845746,"title":"Clooney Ex Stacey Keibler Ties the Knot","duration":"3:00","description":"The former wrestler got married less than a year after splitting with George Clooney. ","url":"/WNN/video/george-clooney-ex-stacey-keibler-gets-married-22845746","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}