Grandma Boop's Thanksgiving Wish

Grandma Boop's greatest wish was to one day be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
2:54 | 11/27/14

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Transcript for Grandma Boop's Thanksgiving Wish
Or. And now it's time for the next warning on this story it may make you cry it's so heartwarming grant mambo. 83 years old. For the past thirty years all she ever want it was to be in the Macy's day parade which is on Thanksgiving Day he has a lot of so badly. And take a look at weather and we'll get. Good. We've been liberated how can I mean and pray. We got him to break its. There and the. OK but you. I don't think it is certainly won't really going to be enough to show good cow. It does fit the classic hot slightly off I'm Turkey I loved horror how that right there. They didn't see him for years she won at this and look deficit. I loved that Turkey had a one of those. Like asking us how that and a hotbed of Carl. But they've made it happen again we syrup that okay another bit of our Thanksgiving edition of the mixed. How about this jetBlue and zap most surprising Thanksgiving travelers as they come to the airport check this out they had. This essentially it's that the game of baggage rule whether they are okay put a little labels there on what people win edit your backlit about it and we'll take a look. There's somebody who want like a free round champ from jetBlue. That's so doesn't that make the baggage claim experience is so exciting look at that Tyler can't win all kinds of prizes now this is happened has happened at travelers. Arriving at terminal five in New York's JFK airport on Wednesday but it. This is the best experience ever in baggage claim. I'm sure until they tell you it's fifty dollars to get hot here that cannot happen. I'm just saying they didn't I don't know but. You know the bus or style opener but it's been a little raw her back on it and it over here. That was this week extra have to say while there is an animal shelter Roanoke Virginia back. Really made much the Thanksgiving to try and get. 25. Their animals adopted take a look at some of these cute Ari at all adorable to their goal was 25. He found out tonight they did. Ernie applicants were able to name their price for their new pets price I'm for pets. I don't though it's silly I don't know what it's all about an account that would help the shelter make room for animals this was the first couple to actually have adopted any of animals overnight. And the shot went to make room for endless because there are a lot more that are coming later in the holiday season usually it's about god I love it love gaga got one more for you Spotify. He's doing something to make your Turkey just perfectly called. Spotlight time for Turkey what to do is use less the amount of pounds during their own Spotify just let the mood and it creates a playlist. For the latest that the times you have to have that Turkey Gabi you can let your freak flags drive right connected to. Think I'm yes I connected.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Grandma Boop's greatest wish was to one day be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27215065","title":"Grandma Boop's Thanksgiving Wish","url":"/WNN/video/grandma-boops-thanksgiving-27215065"}