Harrison Ford to Be an 'Anchorman'

Harrison Ford will be in the 'Anchorman' sequel starring Will Ferrell.
4:15 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for Harrison Ford to Be an 'Anchorman'
I sat -- -- -- and you know unit -- I'm term I love this movie X man to death segment she was coming out -- guess who's -- be -- -- -- -- Ron Burgundy -- -- made. -- -- -- and he played a negative I don't do that. They just signed up to -- according to the latest news two THR Harrison Ford joining the cast of anchorman the legend continues. The board would play a veteran news anchor a lot Tom Brokaw how hot or trade. Also is going to be this story anchorman it is -- going to be like the foil of Ron Burgundy or maybe you can get this straight well regarding -- and -- -- -- and two but giving older maybe that's basically. Older -- that younger yet apparently his great cast a guy's vote earlier favorites there's probably. Actual demand. -- killed a man might want to lay -- over hot hot. The heart. It's behind us the information -- -- I'm not right now -- today -- oh and Justin Bieber is breaking tween hearts all over again anyway he was supposed to have -- he was supposed to have a -- A concert in London our right and you need seeming turnaround that sure about he's all -- -- -- kind of yeah a little strange yet anyway. He showed up -- That's the bottom line human wickedly away yes he was supposed to be there at 830 at an opening act -- -- jets and she apparently didn't go on stage until 930 panic buying him some time. He finished off until 1015 why isn't significant everybody that goes to his concerts they're younger so not only did they probably have to -- wake up early get to bed. The subway system shut him down in London at midnight nowhere to go so a lot of these girls didn't really see much of the -- they had -- hit the ground itself. Anyway he got booed when he got on stage and by the time he was done about them a lot of people on in that -- to -- get me out every two hours late for concert particularly when it's like teenage fans I brought my daughter to see I'm Kelly Clarkson -- And she went on on time and everybody was very happy because the kids -- -- -- he got to get them to DiMaggio sitting next -- praying. For her -- all right and excellent. Article in the New York Daily News and so exclusive that they did it's pretty -- sitting on Tom Cruise known for -- Todd. Yes but back in the day he was very very close even potentially thinking about becoming a Catholic priest. What nobody it is it was devout Catholic and cruise apparently -- -- 1981. Was very much interest did in that becoming a Catholic -- according to his -- shooting all gamblers are sincere in. -- went to a seminary school -- hung out with the breeze and elect to exchange stories of them and was very. Very -- didn't all this learning Latin and Greek and German joining the drama club that was apparently the two. Who got booted. That that that Vegas and a lot of different track because some. His body apparently broke into the liquor cabinet and one of the priest and throughout the window bottle of -- to Tom waiting down below -- they got busted. And I guess the whole dream of being Catholic priest kind of went downhill from there but it's a good article in the New York Daily News. Until now he's into Scientology's -- nobody -- -- -- that's right very deeply invested into that religion and an interesting to see what would happen if it -- my. Ellie was our your time Tom Cruise -- -- -- conclave can you imagine I can't can you imagine. Well how I can't imagine that and that's what I can imagine this. Kim Kardashian and is in the new daddy is usually a little bit loose their right to. Anyway yeah steamy pictures of the air photo shoot for. French magazine and the FC CL Holland's and I. I think they they. Elian kinda new pictures of then at this exclusive. And and high fashion shoot as we now she's pregnant expecting Kanye West -- -- and so. -- and the pitcher's hand and grabbing his -- blue ridge an -- that chair. Some of the -- and her and didn't hot steamy -- you know like they're about to can't sit in. All kinds of stuff because this comes after she sort of said now that I'm with -- and we're gonna lay low and taking anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- maybe where this exhibition is never -- there.

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{"id":18654259,"title":"Harrison Ford to Be an 'Anchorman'","duration":"4:15","description":"Harrison Ford will be in the 'Anchorman' sequel starring Will Ferrell.","url":"/WNN/video/harrison-ford-anchorman-18654259","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}