Former hip-hop CEO making a difference

Former recording industry executive Charlie Jabaley was at the height of his career but in poor health when he decided to turn things around. ABC News' Janine Elliot has his story.
5:45 | 07/18/18

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Transcript for Former hip-hop CEO making a difference
We're back now the story to offer some inspiration on this Wednesday morning Charlie Jet -- went from battling a brain tumor and weighing over 300 pounds. To competing in marathons and even an Iron Man. And now he's on a new adventure and using his incredible story to help others here's our Geneen Elliott. And societies. As I had everything you could have a war. Charlie javelinas at the height of his career he was the founder and CEO of a music management company in Atlanta. Working with recording artists like rapper to change. But despite all his success Charlie wasn't happy if I were we won a Grammy for example. I think you'll want to go. And is Charlie's career took off his health suffered. The brain tumor he hats and choose a child started growing and his weight increase to more than 300 pounds. But that was Charlie men and this. Is Charlie now. He decided once and for all to get healthy what was a tipping point. For you to do that business for me was was becoming toxic in my life distressed at that moment a new night everything in my life. Addictions. So last year Charlie quit the music industry. Committed to getting healthy and send an ambitious goal for himself he wrote a contract yourself a little over a year ago right Cuddy been sticking to that contract I have. I have 100% from further contract that. When the top one person athletes in the world. Then I asked myself what would be the most difficult feat to do as an athlete said. I'm a completed Iron Man cinnamon do it I would do it in ten months and adopt the 125 pounds. I ran for mayor phones and I did a four Iron Man is in New Zealand. I was second from last place but after this. The Charlie didn't stop there in April he and his best friend Scott Cameron decided to ride their bikes across the US. Starting at Santa Monica California. And eventually ending their tour in New York City. But this is no ordinary trip. The pair is stopping along the way to help those in need is a project they called the dream machines for where my game this. Viewers town. First heard that dream of seeing. When I completed the Iron Man that was a big achievement for me. I asked myself what's next. I want to get out into the world health people and touched people one of those people was a preschool age Glendale Arizona called mr. Rhodes. This. Everybody telling me about especially. Roses bars so was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and struggling to pay her medical bills. Despite her illness she barely missed today's class with the help of social media out Barrow and they're CEO came in her reread. Charlie miss teen Natalee help pay off this roses medical expenses and bought her new car. They paid off her mortgage as well. But the cream machine tour was just getting started. One of their next stops was in Houston Texas and for Charlie proved he do just about. To help someone in need. Reporting live from the dumpster along the front line right. Skin really hot and here's. Charlie hiding in a dumpster outside of a Starbucks to surprise a high school student with a brand new car. CEO and I had overcome years of hardship including being abused by their Foster Bentley. Choose working at Starbucks to save up for college. I used used to yeah. This means and then I'm okay now you listen for a good student Charlie finds out about people like CNN through submissions he receives on his social media channels funds his feet deeds with the help of sponsors like pharaoh and various other company donations. Charlie has also contributed some of his own money. I promised myself when I get out of this I'm were reached my head back. Can be that person for everybody elks. While on the road Charlie in his teens sleep here in the dream machine bus or people they meet along the way can write down their own hopes and aspirations. The dream machine towards wrapping up soon but Charlie has no plans of slowing down this entire eight years in really the rest of my life. Is about doing these days old things inspire people and hope people. See the impact he's having great parents union is joining us right now with what an inspiring guy thank you I didn't find out about him. I actually I've read about him yeah. And I found out about his war upon looking into him and then that he is seeking office by toward his good friend and that. They plan to help these people on the way to Dennis relaxed right that's right and this week in New York City on his something big planned okay New York when you tell me what it was exactly sold at cut to latency. What inspired him to want to do this not just the bike across the country but this idea of helping people along the way so when he was at his lowest point when he he said to me when he was at rock bottom he had known to look up to. So he's hoping to be that inspiring. Powerful force for everybody else mission accomplished there and actually. And his key is to lose and all that weight is he's a V and now he's you can begin no oil he said he had no well. No peanut oil no Camilla level well no oil belay. None of us I'm different slots right here and I'll say again is okay I've got yeah and they're not just can't get our Eden had had so that's a Q will what an inspiration so what's good what's next for him. While he got off to continue helping people get so worked with Barrow who who largely helped yes sponsored this court. It's good they're gonna keep doing good work cost he's like the true laced drink. The Dallas Atlanta.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Former recording industry executive Charlie Jabaley was at the height of his career but in poor health when he decided to turn things around. ABC News' Janine Elliot has his story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56658292","title":"Former hip-hop CEO making a difference","url":"/WNN/video/hip-hop-ceo-making-difference-56658292"}