Holiday Tupperware With Aunt Barbara

Tupperware's top-selling lady is back with revolutionary cookware and solutions to your holiday dilemmas.
6:56 | 11/11/14

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Transcript for Holiday Tupperware With Aunt Barbara
My welcome back now is it time to start thinking about planning the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and there's. One person whose ideas this viewed never disappoint less if you visited. World news now has on T claws and she's here again until boys talk still director. Albright yeah. Just tell the. And but today I wanna talk at bat something won the vote. Revolutionary cookware and should most people don't realize. Chef quality our chef series cookware is premium grade. OK chef quality cook where. And it's old stainless steel would infused aluminum no hot spots that handles a nice and cool it's fantastic. And I think with what happens is most people don't realize that Tupperware it does cook win. And you can get it for free I have to laugh when you hosted Tupperware party you have what's next you're this is our. Ultra Perot. These are containers that actually go from the freezer or refrigerator. Tool that microwave to the Upton. Perfect for the holidays up to 400 degrees and their lives can be used as trades. So they're really revolutionary thing in these are things like you say we don't think this automatically but to enforcement in the game doing cook. You correlate it rips out but where you know this is the Cadillac includes dar re content that. -- fix item here you shouldn't is not what we came on and on my deepest how this is the anti I think. This is our choppers system that power shaft system it to chop are you told us during a wonderful at that and evidently we're scared yeah. And it also comes at the winds let me tell you can sharpen your you can die thing here you can mean and here you can hear array India. This is something TSE but the little with been there I've done twelve scrambled eggs and less than ten seconds in the bank. And it comes with it attachments you can do frosting that whipped cream to all sorts of stuff. It's a great sense that they can opener looks upon it while it looks about in the case I think haven't terms department does can openers from the food stories on the side can start turning and it's not just living daylights out to him. Yeah I get this one its approach that look at that there's no blade. Can turn this. Because a couple times you'll feel something pop when it pops all you have to do. It's don't like this can look at there the whole thing. The whole thing. Comes right all lost and there were no sharp edges because we didn't cut. Can't we popped the seal that holds this lead to the base of the camp. Okay the that in none of the revolution that its revolutionary really okay visas what this is something else are in the market fund and everything good that the holidays we think that's nothing we can get their sweet potatoes we think of them. This you know all sorts of things that we're putting it to contain this. Sometimes we use disposable containers. And we got to put the lid on and win is everything down right yelled stop panicking anyone indication of its brand of Islam and elect bomb. And he eats up look at his teaching people to look at that. They can we expand to accommodate the bigger love it perfect the issue of directory depth of votes OK so all serving -- fantastic unexpected company pose upright but he can certainly get a putt it's tough but we're serving a sentence this has been rampant many many years he get a little dip container in the air. You can put ice in the bottom you can throw vegetables and a group a taco toppings and the if you wanna get rid of people put them cling peaches old all of them. Every expired condiment fridge in the its frontiers in let's quickly get the last everybody La Disney's hot Garcia throws in the don't you know February frozen land from Africa how great is that. I mean all the kids are going crazy over there. Frozen I think lifting got a Tupperware website crack company credit card Atlantic. Greta that very thing you. She and a little if any what's happening for the salad days. They Disney canisters are really popular those are gonna explode everywhere. So you know make sure that you get. That was everywhere now of course we're not done just yet known how to be sticking around to answer some of your questions out there stay with us are watching world news now. We're back with a tax relief that ballroom towards topsail director people have a lot of questions of course. We're gonna get to some questions in a moment but first we wanted. To let you show this know what's the big solved at all I let you know these edged. Police in. He's at an Atlanta rapper who can't write these are being tasting festival that the world's largest salt of the warlords Ali had not been you'll confirm that I think saga could an Ariane some listening and can't play with models you can use them as an Iran is that financing estimated that ran for a gazillion years. So go without all right we had a couple questions and let's start with someone wants I want to make homemade presents this year I've never done it before getting ideas. If you've never done it before I wouldn't start. You know what my mother always used to say. It's better than homemade and store bought this hook up. OK it's not good at it now which not a good idea I would brings something that evil from the bakery shut it commodities Tupperware containers have in the Tupperware containers for them and enjoy this week have been done so we'll know what hit someone who has no Tupperware what would you start to. Okay the throughput is there are good starter kit if you will help. Core I guess is that it's all sorts of things really I mean I would just go to the web site start with staff of both clintons start with the topical. That what those musical and debris how you get rid of unwanted guests are on the holidays. We can't really do that would temple we have been I would probably turn heat up to an uncomfortable level like eighty to 83 in the -- eventually they'll just leave or motive or you have palm wants them wants the whole party their house once on the opportunity. About him. What how. Well I only scheduled twice a year and I can't be around a whole entire country several I would I would suggest to people is that they called Tupperware and get in touch with the local consultant and host a party in their home. Because when you host a party in your home you can qualify to all of this stuff. For free or for half a lot so really that's what they should do okay and again last thing some news that they see today they don't wanna get their hands on yet they go about doing it they want to get their hands on something I would suggest that you haven't you get it out of Tupperware party and so they should call 1800 Tupperware. Get private consultant in the area post a potty in their home and in home demonstration. And that's how they should get I think he once again for the demonstration it's good I heard such good things. She's changed. Oh so good that the divinity depicting somewhat began America's most populous aboard a way Bob Rose. Thank you so much coming up news more newsroom.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Tupperware's top-selling lady is back with revolutionary cookware and solutions to your holiday dilemmas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26827118","title":"Holiday Tupperware With Aunt Barbara","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-tupperware-aunt-barbara-26827118"}