Hottest Gadgets You May Have Missed at CES 2017

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows the most user-friendly and affordable gadgets from the 50th annual Consumer Electronics Show
4:25 | 01/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hottest Gadgets You May Have Missed at CES 2017
What oh. While ultra thin TV is an ultra Smart digital assistants stole the limelight at this year's fiftieth annual Consumer Electronics Show. Quite a few other gizmos and gadgets made headlines and joining us this morning. With his favorite that he is wins Dick DeBartolo thank you so much for being here. You welcome might have some fun stuff first of all looks like my Smartphone is on my head why it. Because a lot of hawks and these teams are not allowing self mystics. So this is a way to have a camera on your head it comes with a one you that you where it's Bluetooth android and IOS so just wherever you look. Just take pictures or videos. That's been made a pick what's next 120 bucks okay this is from kangaroo the kangaroo notebook this actually is a windows ten computer. So this is just the dock for kids one in there and now and I hope we stayed on OK so this is. All my programs and memories are gonna use this little cheap thing here because I'm gonna pull this out while the computed on. So now everything. All my files and everything on this. You can give this and the kids can happen now use the computer for that or business personal. Shows like T server computers its under 300 books. Until all the kids can share went computer so it a lot more economically sound exactly. They exist that's a great idea. This is from. Paulo bowl so this is an elderly people OK look. Okay now. It has built in charging ports song it'll lead it back here. And show you data to turn it will bit so this goes in there and now you can charge whatever you want. If you want to charge all night you can leave the bowl bond if you wanted to charge without the light here's another switch right on the bold. Shuts the bold keeps the choice going. Really can you don't know it had a power outlet right next to the bed or where exactly in this it gives it to power outlets and that's under forty bucks what a bright house laurel. All right so this pretty neat desist from night I'd be introduced at CES 2070. So a lot of people use these minimalist. The wallets where it's just two plates with a rubber band. You project cashing your credit cards in the air so nice guys thought why don't we make you. Where. There ought tools on the two plates so they're a screwdriver this is a bottle open there's an ice scraper there's a Rula. When you put the two together and your credit causing tension between. It's RFID. Blocking and only the scanning can get involved from the Claude. And under fifteen box and it comes in black like this war. Regular silver stainless book. This'll be good for the next holiday season we just have the the holidays but this would have been nice for everybody to know exactly. Split second today good night I thought that the financial tool now not a place something and not show you what it's coming from so here we go. Sounds pretty good right connections termite my neck and alleged and Oklahoma with. It's all coming from net. That's why oh. So what this is is a what approved speaker. Has a little clip on the back so you Wear it this is for jogging and I hope I hold assets okay visits to this little done up to the top and that's a microphone. You can take phone calls comes in many colors and it's on the thirty. Box that is too cool I'm gonna have to buy a couple of days I think that is neat and we have time for one more guy did OK so now that bit of video this company makes professional air big vests take a look at the video. So what is it the best has a little computer inside. And he sees it the best just inflated. When it recognizes your into position you shouldn't be him. The best goes off and could save your life and body thoughts. And they've been doing it for professionals and now they're going into the consumer market they'll be about 800 book. While there are a lot of avid skiers here at ABC news and I'm sure not a verb there was blood and well thank you so much for being here pretty even other cutting edge gadgets that it dates web site. And he is wind god is his list. Dicks.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows the most user-friendly and affordable gadgets from the 50th annual Consumer Electronics Show","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44803552","title":"Hottest Gadgets You May Have Missed at CES 2017","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-gadgets-missed-ces-2017-44803552"}