Jennifer Aniston Pushes Back Her Wedding Again

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Thoreau push back their wedding to Christmas.
5:00 | 06/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Aniston Pushes Back Her Wedding Again
-- -- is Jennifer Aniston wedding plans with her boyfriend's -- seems to always should be getting married. There's another pushed back according to the Daily Mail here's Jennifer Aniston and her fiance -- -- to -- -- waiting for a few -- more as they've been bombarded with work now planning about allegedly at Christmas bash. Apparently Jennifer is currently promoting a new movie she's gonna start another one right after that Justin has just landed a starring role in an HBO pilot. So that leaves them with a lot of work. And they've been talking in the mail online talking about how they were rumored to have organized a may ceremony will now it looks like they are telling their friends and -- is that the way to -- annual Christmas party. And turn it into a wedding. At the home in Los Angeles some big. 01 -- Christmas and wedding bells all of the same time why not that Aniston and they are -- -- -- have a lot of work it does seem almost religion. They're need to constantly filming a movie somewhere instead he's back in action so he receptive. Second round giving her -- advice so -- the Jersey Shore has been canceled -- his -- as she uses the colts in the key. Police easy it is giving parental advice in her celebrity report. This -- like the blog on and TV's website. And she's focusing on. Channing Tatum he has a new daughter -- relate -- and she has a lot of advice Burton. The specifically for tandem. Heard chanting that she she wants to can day because now you know she's a mom which finally looks like about Sheila Murray though she knew mom announced that he had a lot of she has a lot of good advice to share that -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight she's and it's an app find him and beat her head is soft and squishy and she's basically -- Bob. So oh -- -- -- No holding her like this because she's gonna -- It's voodoo -- I don't know why anti that's a jello shots had just -- -- -- -- -- -- but now she's yeah. The emission kind of nice -- don't crash should get good idea that it. Can get a -- -- elevator like sitting behind is actually what she really says eventually and that she says don't worry the baby -- she probably just starting -- she used to -- -- -- I can't tell -- location next to the redhead before except that just is and don't Flacco and I. Her duties because babies -- -- they do. -- -- was aboard you're looking to accept my brain can -- the highest paid athlete in the world isn't signed yet but it could be soon who would you guess that might be what sport at least. Not soccer soccer. -- reportedly ready to make a war record bid for real Madrid's Cristiano -- to the tune of a 133. A million bucks you can believe that -- be about 330000. Dollars a week -- and hands out. He's got at all running perfect combination yeah. Outside the Los Angeles Convention Center promises a battlefield and inside him. It says -- is a battlefield this is. And with knowledge bright lights of thumping music -- optimistic and about ten million are your most recent daily lives -- -- and it has -- puzzles -- Yeah. I'm. And games. Robin -- reporting for ABC news. This is ABC's world news now. Informing insomnia -- two decades.

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{"id":19379952,"title":"Jennifer Aniston Pushes Back Her Wedding Again","duration":"5:00","description":"Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Thoreau push back their wedding to Christmas.","url":"/WNN/video/jennifer-aniston-pushes-back-wedding-19379952","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}