Jennifer Lawrence Photographed with Questionable Cigarette

The Oscar winner gets photographed on vacation smoking "something."
3:54 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence Photographed with Questionable Cigarette
Edit suite at Eli let's take skinny starts winning some -- about. I think she now we can today America's sweetheart Jennifer -- we all saw her at the Oscars she why do you because she was awesome and -- and she went. She's one of problems to years she's -- on the stairs -- -- she had a beautiful recovery. Anyway there are -- -- -- she's finally on vacation he's been working for god knows how long he. -- vacation yes she's in -- Hawaii well there -- just have surfaced about her. And she's not pleasant call us well I'm looking -- there but -- -- -- have had more. Yeah. I want -- inadequate and that is it didn't. Well I love the spotlight and that is that -- yeah is it just regular could back me you know we got out. She's -- to -- -- that a good outside she's also richest. Famous and you have lost her -- medication and -- until she wants to do whether it's a real harm that I do your own. -- having you know I'm scientist who shouldn't have cameras around right. Always good idea especially -- a celebrity. -- -- -- -- Let's start a big debate about. Comes first that your partner earlier on your wife your spouse -- -- -- -- And she says that this the recipe for their happy life that her husband is to put that marriage first and the child second. -- correspondent revealed that -- her husband -- maintain a solid relationship by making each other the priority she says quote. We have been right before also best friends and a lot of people they have kids that for the baby first in the marriage second. She tells us weekly on Tuesday that some people works for progress we put our marriage person -- child second and that's the best thing. On the surface sounds a little cold but I really actually know what she's talking about I mean. I think the age and younger we have you can't just -- I mean of course she got to cater to the child 100% don't get -- more where you can't just like. Forget about your spouse and suddenly dropped them and focus entirely renovated -- -- Willis Willis is a wise man. Keep their a lot of -- keep their relations at a restaurant and then you incorporate the baby into your relationship. Added to. Lots of friends who ate everything they do is that over the surrounded around eighty halftime and co dependent and the -- the boss let me guess -- know I'm -- yeah. I'm learning today yes. Hurry to get into -- -- -- notice advice moved through and we need to talk more about it. Okay now this story that I am actually well upset about -- already has a charity which is called A-Rod Stanley Foundation -- he -- to helping industry he gives to distressed families. I mean. Eight apparently. -- Boston Globe has identified a number of offenders in a recent -- -- Internal Revenue Service the filings of fifty nonprofits from my professional athletes and discovered that only one per cent of the money when present one per cent of all need to -- to this. Charity is actually given to people who need that's outrageous that it agreed to follow especially when you think about isn't it doesn't think he -- there are a lot of depressed children out there a lot of children who don't. Want to live and think there's no hope my life is perfect. -- show -- the money whereas at the name rod. The equivalent girls gone wild video series -- -- volume 12345. Right. Gray -- wild. Right there. It's going bankrupt apparently but apparently. It's going out of business that filed for Chapter Eleven reorganization but -- not if you're a fan girls gone wild apparently will still be business as usual for the company. He's the porn videos -- EST they don't look at the boxed up you can see when this but apparently the father Joseph Francis assures. That there is no effect on his personal wealth and companies is going to be organized -- those girls have been paying that much. I don't really know how that works -- -- they get --

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{"id":18626153,"title":"Jennifer Lawrence Photographed with Questionable Cigarette","duration":"3:54","description":"The Oscar winner gets photographed on vacation smoking \"something.\"","url":"/WNN/video/jennifer-lawrence-photographed-questionable-cigarette-18626153","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}