Kendis and Diane exchange Christmas gifts

"World News Now" co-anchors Kendis Gibson and Diane Macedo celebrate Christmas together, exchanging some pretty quirky and thoughtful gifts.
3:40 | 12/25/17

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Transcript for Kendis and Diane exchange Christmas gifts
That I'm a smarter and Christmas everybody. We got that we can tell you read have you come into our home on this Christmas Day and better and ready to tolerate low yeah. Source changing our guests wanted to share with you what we are giving each other on this Christmas really feared a huge change gifts we will lose so yeah I must act. With my first gift for you. Ever upset you're that this year's Vladimir Putin calendar did not have any shirtless photos and show shirtless glad you're barrier islands. That made it. Well hopefully Mike. My own custom made shirt list letter that I hadn't kept his pow wow. We'll look at that half net net amount is actually really any kind Plano that you're very happy with the stomping of the great that we did. Themselves got you. Some of that great that I stop to get you eight if you dare not already had went and why exactly where. I can totally equipment that lets and though none of this is that this is an American never really liked and well I have had only were we need to have now. Minding your sister just aren't just took just just a little bit to limit. Men. Does it have like an age of sheets a Christmas it's and I'm guess thing in Mason the last time I brought your attitude that you probably ran out. Yes and you seem selected a lot to my next guest for you. Then he got budding. You can drink. They'll call they've got a hold general John Adams arrived and I thought you might need chaser for that so you at a whole vat of pepto dismal. You know I didn't really laid structured that much. Yeah about. It looked like he did I have a legit carefully. There it is and he can tell that I wrapped it. Folks are really every day scientists here thank god can give some hotline if you. An outline. Of this. Dozens adversely uses an app. Thank you can set the temperature. Of years of your car anger want to whatever you want and it keeps it there. You have pending at the world news now symbol on the ground we'll have to work related Debian and the same folks who did this eruption is really care of your current. Parent well finally I did get you an actual lines as I know how much you love running and I noticed that it was nice you might need to. Some new but where in order to do. Actually I don't like running just like taking photos of me lots of tables this should help status. What scenario. Can you seekers it's a box. But I got it back to bathtubs and edginess yeah. Nice kicks that supposedly given fast I figure that I would give your real gift as well you remember around. That scene from earlier in the year but we're. Ports lined women all over me. I think I couldn't get I don't remember that access to sensitive at. Silliness and I figured you it's time as a gift you wouldn't hear this is that this is Mike thanks Steve good and it didn't step. I don't want to get frank. Erica such as anybody that they have got death fare Christmas yeah you get. Frankel proudly of the common good. Thank Christmas.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"\"World News Now\" co-anchors Kendis Gibson and Diane Macedo celebrate Christmas together, exchanging some pretty quirky and thoughtful gifts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51984719","title":"Kendis and Diane exchange Christmas gifts ","url":"/WNN/video/kendis-diane-exchange-christmas-gifts-51984719"}