Kerry Washington Calls out AdWeek Cover

The actress voices her disappointment about the magazine's Photoshop blunders.
3:48 | 04/06/16

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Transcript for Kerry Washington Calls out AdWeek Cover
And now it's time for the next you know for weddings and say something old something borrowed from the blue. What I would introduce you to herald a grandfather in Saint Louis who walked down the I'll his wife. His daughter and his grand the saints have for years all in the same wedding dress it's pretty remarkable this is his wife okay. She wore this dress Phyllis Joseph Raymond did in 1953. She bought it from a department store in Denver. Instead they got married after they got married I spent thirty years later her daughter Susan in 1983 of what is safe and to rest she just added a little jacket to fit her shoulders and there's daddy wrapped pot. Walking her down the I'll her father. And then in 2016. Her granddaughter Juliette you see right here. She wore it but she put her own spin on it removing the sleeves and once again will herald walked her down the how we should take Julius father actually passed away in the ninety's it was sweet pepper. Crammed pop up could walker county Ohio that's very nice are revealed dressed up and looking great top athletic but it goes to show you how you could change one dress and clearly they must have the same waist lines are small waist my right. Expect her to get into that press so you know there's a trend when you go to some hipster restaurants have pleading food and different sort of containers action I say not necessarily take place yeah. So now there's there's a backlash that this one Twitter handle called we want plates they've gone to town at this. Particular part that's you missed yet this is part of the trend. I feel they're serving chicken nuggets and somebody still out of which fried foods and me would know how fattening that it that's awful. Here order you have this one for your food on a clipboard. Hoped to this we want plates thing you disorder like please shaming. All of these play these hybrid don't let other hot grilled cheese on the dust yet actually that's not a played at some investors somebody dropped that on the floor. That but the things that people are doing nowadays nearly evenly of those. And no longer they say it's about presentation and adaptation doesn't want to reach for the it's not quite appealing the food as a pretty but. I don't know I want my food and gas Anderson's death. We worked great for the leftover segment we did they of the day that's trip that's absolutely true.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The actress voices her disappointment about the magazine's Photoshop blunders. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38186719","title":"Kerry Washington Calls out AdWeek Cover","url":"/WNN/video/kerry-washington-calls-adweek-cover-38186719"}