Kim and Kanye Release Photos on Instagram

The newly-married couple releases wedding photos over social media.
4:25 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for Kim and Kanye Release Photos on Instagram
All right back again after a one day -- -- Chinese outrageous wedding it's topping the skinny again this. Warning that's right photos of the wedding had a pretty -- to come by but word is -- -- exclusive. The Kardashians -- -- card actions the first pictures that showed up on children. Of course they had first carried out a first picture of kids dressed. -- -- at a final fitting in Paris it was custom made by as you know CAA who made eight version for maybe north as well. And now to the wedding can instantly and this picture of the couple's first kiss -- man and wife take a look at that the ceremony took place in front about wall flowers. And here is an AM eastern this is trying to US walking down mile you can see just behind them just -- -- little glimpse of their daughter in grandma's arms. Japan at the reception in this one gas could hop into a photo -- those -- funding human kind needed to. Kim had changed into that beaded dress. And finally Kanye posted this photo of him -- -- -- in. Just married leather jacket -- systems. Actually kind of -- you know what they seem like they're happy we're happy for them I'm just tired of always talk about the car -- into the -- movie now yeah. -- to a bachelor party won groom to be and his buddies will not soon forget or maybe -- will but it won't be because of this. They -- at a Charleston, South Carolina steakhouse when they saw Bill Murray. He eventually joined them -- offer them some advice not to the groom -- to the single guys who think they might have found no one take a listen. Take that person. -- -- And scramble around the world. By putting zero for the two -- you travel all around the world go to places that are hard to go to work hard to get out. And when you come back. And JFK when you land in. Get married and has zero. Some sage advice indeed -- then helped place the bachelor dining each day up under the guise of shoulders it is truly a story of a lifetime great going bill and everybody -- Washington homes Clinton your husband got started and we -- -- -- weavers got married to go around the all the -- -- What -- the hottest boy band is apparently getting tired of its squeaky clean image. That's right -- leaked video obtained by the Daily Mail is showing them engaging in some pretty bad boy antics so we can't show you the video. But it does show two of the band members rolling up a joint -- smoking it joking about drug use even flipping the finger at camera. -- -- -- performed a sold out crowd of 40000. And cleanup work. I believe it or not it turns out that they weren't breaking any laws possession of marijuana in Peru is not punishable if it's for personal and immediate consumption over. There you have -- -- -- -- the world of entertainment has collided with the cold hard reality of international politics and the military takeover that's right. Taylor Swift was set to perform a sold out concert in Thailand. She came under military rule just last week after recruited Todd now she's had to cancel my show. The concert in Bangkok would have been that night -- -- ninth but the country is now under -- nighttime curfew. Several other performers have also canceled or -- appearances in Thailand over the political situation. Coming up Jessica Simpson now she we all know has waged a very public battle with her weight but it looks like she's won the war. And then -- and that's our chance to grant to new pictures of herself and of being -- -- heels posing with former. Fiance and baby daddy's golf clubs that how she looks -- -- a wall. -- -- apparently upwards of sixty pounds since her second child was born two years ago. She's been working -- celebrity trainer Harley. -- -- Was also worked with Katy Perry and the Lady Gaga she looks incredible. Heart coming onto it celebrating birthdays today -- Couple of celebrities that we haven't Gladys -- the embrace -- fill us turning seventy how she looked very. Deafening and rocker Jon Fogarty who started out -- Clearwater revival was 69. That's right Elisabeth Hasselbeck who left the view for Fox News at 37 years old today and actress Carey Mulligan please daisy in last summer's Great Gatsby. 29 years old today.

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{"id":23892846,"title":"Kim and Kanye Release Photos on Instagram","duration":"4:25","description":"The newly-married couple releases wedding photos over social media.","url":"/WNN/video/kim-kanye-release-photos-instagram-23892846","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}