Kitten Stuck in Vending Machine

Workers at a store found a kitten stuck in the Dr Pepper vending machine.
2:43 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for Kitten Stuck in Vending Machine
-- Cute story alert in Alabama -- workers arriving to a big lots on Monday heard a teeny tiny. -- always sound coming from vending machine that you. And she's -- they can't figure out what why they recognize it as a little -- found obviously now. They went in thinking about that there was Bob tails happy to have gotten itself there you got Intel's second site. Doctor packing machine in. They were able to get. Let's. Like the helpless and officials in -- -- did their thing. Somebody that didn't mean to end on that yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- The story. -- makes men think they're all that that makes men to get more attractive to women almost like a beer goggles affect. This new study when men are tired they overestimate how interest in women aren't that -- -- -- perpetually tired so unless they commit an option right. The house but I was not noticed on women by the way they give us. Just want not a poor sleep is enough to make demands stated that -- chance with a woman. Is greater even if she has no interest whatsoever and and his prize was the same effect does not apparent in women they retain clear right judgment. Even if they're worn out. So it's almost like beer goggles make sense. To -- and desperate yeah -- -- and I cannot doubt. Yeah. How many things have long been -- through all the women and all that's known as soon as the world's greatest hope. Around the world and a history of the city is gossip sheet and that's the world is home now. It's really did not do right away and didn't you're not wearing pants it's -- -- -- world news. Come and get everybody bands have some fun to be -- Hal and Hank Aaron and down with the. -- world news. Certainly not -- The world news. It's. The world I -- home now. I originally didn't lose any right now hopefully I -- we were not -- the giants noticed Bloomberg wants -- man. Turned out I had more to lose looked down some as the only Jews -- that's the world's greatest pull. I'm gonna start a brand new bands someday BS not. Hire him if I can talk John Mueller into playing is get dire -- sorry about the Pentagon's history and attendance Saturday instead Graham who backs of the world is putting. And we unmarried money dot com and we'll see you next week.

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{"id":19346049,"title":"Kitten Stuck in Vending Machine","duration":"2:43","description":"Workers at a store found a kitten stuck in the Dr Pepper vending machine.","url":"/WNN/video/kitten-stuck-vending-machine-19346049","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}