Lifestyles of the Rich ... and Kendis

ABC News' Kendis Gibson gets the grand treatment inside a luxury suite at New York's iconic Essex Hotel.
4:08 | 11/02/17

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Transcript for Lifestyles of the Rich ... and Kendis
I was somehow able to sneak past security at one of the most iconic buildings around you've likely seen the sign for the Essex house hotel but now we see more than that. We see this week school. Good eighty years it has towered above New York's Central Park. 43 stories up. The iconic sign and neon lights of the JW Marriott Essex house illuminating the sky line. But they Essex house of more than just a sign more than just only beacon or weary New Yorkers looking for a place to spend the night. It is really. Very cool hotel what state history spec out. You walk or. Yet down its art Deco hallways and you can feel the history. It opens its doors in 1931. Foot constantly evolving with the times. The late David Foley had an 18100 square foot apartment here up until his death. And shows like border are empire to madam secretary shot scenes here. And somehow meld this edition of lifestyles of the rich in Kansas. I 'cause ago I don't most people make an entrance like that Cecilia is our lovely toured and it's usually act Conning and Ghana news. Yep velcro and we'll take this car. There's us. Dominant but yeah. Wow is ready to Essex house was pulled out all the stops for us. They're executive Jeff was that are beckoning their food and beverage manager. Even Karl looks and he security basing that talented kicked out in the end. But back to the sweet citizens in Central Park terrace suite 2000 square feet 2000 or 2000 square feet looks like my apartment then as such tell us. And I expect favorite pro program by the black gown that funny. Either you get so and. Cannot have it come on the let's sir this meat back. This one is actually a massive. Hole living room separate dining room. Who would have bats two bedrooms. Posted unobstructed views of Central Park and they knew I was coming. My own personal role and what does this help you need my yes. Well I can't Warner. Fear that if he's with Kenny Goss would invented here many who develops then shapers you don't. Was church she she. And they had went to Paris when a fifty. Well as amazing. NASA didn't fully you up a whole yes. That's what I want to have a pardon. This is the place to do it like any like real grant park. And. Danielle eyes and yeah. Who knows how long did you just laying there urgently their fellow cup. Lou Carlos before Carlos NRO showed up front proceeded to kick us out but it was but I gotta tell you while we're doing that did the dance sequence. You should see the look. On the camera guys should be done interviews with. Nixon I think dead serious interviews with Diane Sawyer and here they are in their life has been drinking with the seller bought so. Other of the faith there was ice but they figure for everybody. That's a and a professional.

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{"id":50880096,"title":"Lifestyles of the Rich ... and Kendis","duration":"4:08","description":"ABC News' Kendis Gibson gets the grand treatment inside a luxury suite at New York's iconic Essex Hotel.","url":"/WNN/video/lifestyles-rich-kendis-50880096","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}