Low-Rider Scooters: A Good Ride

In Indonesia, low riding scooters have become popular modes of transportation.
2:56 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for Low-Rider Scooters: A Good Ride
I -- the next few of those low rider cars you see on the -- -- -- -- -- that looked at the kids go for whatever it's called -- possible yet no one or model low rider well we have found the ultimate low rider courtesy of the Huffington Post the whole article check this out. I don't know what you call this. -- scooter it was an Indonesian by the way. It's -- upper low rider. I I'd say there's about two inches and five other. Yeah and the reason why does make -- post cuts it was the ultimate low rider and they wanna know what what is -- -- but I think in the real story is how old thing. OK I -- Maybe I'm wrong but -- about six yeah. How is that program right -- there's also I think with a little bit too many of of that I think it's like it's. It's -- rates to be something that the kind of like I don't know what -- but that does not have lawnmower it looks like a lot of fun yeah anyway there's your low rider didn't do. Pay the ticket this -- -- YouTube video that's starting to make around it happens to be. I you know I don't I don't even elected to take a look at that I'll tell you right now about. Sorry. -- -- That has been heavily -- -- -- coffee inside my computer yeah. -- -- Customers who -- yeah. But everything that happens to be a marketing stunt guy that Carrie remake Internet movie they're coming out with anyone. And it's all race for the customers -- -- that are about to order have no idea that they're the ones that are really freaking out but everything it attacks took something that's a fake wall -- that. Tell him he's his powers that -- -- -- -- mind but she can. All marketing staff everything is hooked up to the Nevada remote controller -- -- I was coughing undermanned right that was the real ones that -- -- during terrorist. -- -- -- -- We -- Larry if you watch the whole thing crazy we in the making a remake. My you have guys are like Tiger Woods' -- to check out this little fellow member of the video Tiger Woods the -- -- well this guy who knows maybe he'll be like. This is in his living room and -- dad -- like holy mackerel so let's listen in as he just. Ships chips away. -- -- -- -- -- -- It hurt that I -- seriously want had a grip -- -- About when -- -- -- -- look at hand wants out wants me Rory McIlroy is -- Irish -- battle.

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{"id":20502202,"title":"Low-Rider Scooters: A Good Ride","duration":"2:56","description":"In Indonesia, low riding scooters have become popular modes of transportation.","url":"/WNN/video/low-rider-scooters-good-ride-20502202","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}