Major storm headed for the Northeast

The storm has already caused flooding across the south and blizzard conditions in the northern plains. ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports.
2:22 | 12/28/18

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Transcript for Major storm headed for the Northeast
We begin with more travel trouble on this busy Friday before New Year's one of the busiest airports in the country was briefly shut down last night when a transformer explosion. Lit up the night's guide you were New York shaking buildings and sending people running into the streets meanwhile a major winter storm is taking aim at the East Coast this morning after unleashing floods across the south. And blizzard conditions in the northern plains. ABC's Maggie really is watching it all for us Maggie good morning. Good morning Zack grange and able weather has caused whiteout conditions across much of the country that's storms now barreling towards the East Coast but. You're New York City be saw something else last night that brought nearly everyone to a standstill. From what went third downs cell. To a great blue sky up north it could be seen for miles. It was insane it was a really weird blue color to I was aliens or hit a transformer exploded at a con Edison power plant in Queens New York causing part of LaGuardia Airport one of the nation's busiest to lose power. Terrified travelers scrambled CE. Authorities say no one was hurt in the explosion in the airport is now back up and running. But travel for much of the country remains at a standstill. As powerful winter storm stretching from Canada to the Gulf Coast dumps heavy rain and it blinding snow. In Saint Paul, Minnesota police are looking for the public's help after a semi side swiped a trooper squad car pulled over on the side of the road. Fortunately. In Kansas a state of emergency. A hundred in fifteen mile stretch of interstate seventy shut down in both directions the ruling ordering hundreds. In the realm Mississippi this tree falling on top of a home because the power to go out the family believes lightning is to blame. In New Orleans the storm causing transformers to explode that's crank. It Austin, Texas flash flooding Julie Butler had to be rescued after her car got pushed a quarter mile off the road by floodwaters. She thanked the firefighters who got her to safety. All of this firefighters were like angels have. And this morning that storm is moving east stretching from Atlanta to New England ends Greene with it mostly heavy rain the possibility of flash flooding. But the good news generic and Zachary that hopefully all of those wet weather. Will be over and done with by the weekend so final weekend of 2018 Maggie think Yale.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"The storm has already caused flooding across the south and blizzard conditions in the northern plains. ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60047515","title":"Major storm headed for the Northeast","url":"/WNN/video/major-storm-headed-northeast-60047515"}