Michael Strahan Won't Give up Gap Smile

The "Live" co-host says that he could have gotten his gap fixed but decided not to.
3:40 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for Michael Strahan Won't Give up Gap Smile
Welcome back everybody at least then more than a year now since Regis left. His morning talk -- history and of course. Took over the doing a great job to Selig and Kelly really -- television -- it's fun to do it. Grades up or they're just around the corner from us has had a -- you know we've never been invited. And haven't gone you've -- -- alone she worked out -- Kelly. Lineup Kelly okay but I want to go I've never -- to the -- never matters -- -- and New Jersey native let me let me you know like -- hear what they're all right I'll -- you have that's up the news to get Michael -- recent gave an interview to. Elle Magazine he talked about her that famous gap toothed smile there and says look I was really close to giving up giving it up I was at the -- is heading -- mock ups I thought about it I made the conscious effort to say this is who I am I'm not perfect I don't want to try to be -- but he says that's why he's not gonna change -- -- the wrong decision. So this if that's okay -- -- all right that's the wrong. The wrong decision -- and let's face -- -- this isn't loath to learn more is this is terrible. Getting. No I'm Christina -- to get -- fixed Madonna has again this. Michael Strahan has to get his face. They all have to get them fixed -- -- big none of those. I'll yeah. That's good this standards that -- -- -- -- they don't have gone to great career. Latin is of famous Cheney yet again -- -- Or with some -- learning how long. Well you -- sit well. -- -- -- What they're doing. Talking about things they just can't be fixed. This is going to be good news for sun. Sad news for others ten team -- Camilla -- now they broke. I after less than two months of dating. They broke up we don't know why but and he remains a devout Christian -- -- that. He plans remain a virgin until marriage that hasn't thing to do with what -- related problems. I'm he's also having problems with -- its. They didn't that the jets made the decision to bench mark Mark Sanchez the quarterback but then they went to in the seventh round 2011. Pick Greg -- right. To start so that's something that yeah. Had a rough year or so stingy about little as well what put -- put amid why not advocating worsened says they hospital. That's it no kidding -- what -- -- go from the start Denver to nothing on the jets they've always had a rough but I'm sure we'll find another lovely young lady sometimes suit also we cannot let this cultural milestone as. Without acknowledgment because tonight at 10 PM eastern. After six seasons in three years that's right the Jersey Shore -- series finale. -- -- Yeah -- -- Jersey my home state I thought these kids were endlessly entertaining and -- don't -- and they've gone on to make the millions of dollars and all you want there's -- -- gonna do well then don't. The talk show -- the hall -- among those closest to defend my home state most these kids were not from New Jersey were from other -- keep them. Just as -- as Michael Strahan -- That's how. Michael Kelly call her I love you all our affiliate Wednesday -- banned alcohol come on now fix it in rural today brutal. He's -- he's a -- --

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{"id":18023378,"title":"Michael Strahan Won't Give up Gap Smile","duration":"3:40","description":"The \"Live\" co-host says that he could have gotten his gap fixed but decided not to.","url":"/WNN/video/michael-strahan-give-gap-smile-18023378","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}