Mila Kunis Pregnancy Reports Surface

E! News and People are reporting that the actress and Ashton Kutcher are expecting a baby.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mila Kunis Pregnancy Reports Surface
Monday Maurice. One noted that -- that again. Monday morning skinny time another Hollywood may -- reportedly on the way word this morning that Ashton Kutcher and you economists are expecting their first child just weeks after reports of the celebrity couple's engagement surfaced several tabloids say -- -- is kinder and -- -- -- the thirty year old actress was spotted at prenatal yoga -- -- Hollywood. As is often seen -- and -- least fitting tops. -- all right -- and -- -- as co stars on That '70s Show and had been dating for two years is divorced from Demi Moore was finalized back in November. I -- -- of young celebrities are busy taking -- these of their new tattoos are very his body parts the young star of divergent. Decided to decompress from the film in a totally unique way -- lean Woodley actually unplugged the 22 year old -- -- after the movie wrapped she spent a few months crashing on friends' couches and she says she got -- other. -- don't know everything she owned. Even -- cell phone. Proud to -- what -- a fan of the basic. Basic kind of lifestyle -- even -- her own food to make sure its purest possible very un Hollywood but very cool. -- -- -- for the unplugged thing in like -- because you know stop the madness at some point at least every now and then but. And one of the cell -- exactly how do you get your next -- how does somebody says Collins they want you to be the -- -- she's. She's brought in an old answering machine and -- someone right now to -- -- welcoming a very special guest this happened at his concert here in New York on Friday check that out. CDC lead singer Brian Johnson. Taking a -- on advanced class. -- -- it was part of a series of shows -- His playing at Madison Square Garden. One show from up there indefinitely. -- about. The folks who saw the show last Friday night -- got. Their money's worth for sure that -- what -- -- -- -- show on the outside to another major music event this one not live but premiering on line and over the weekend Lady Gaga released her longest music video yet and I think clocking in nearly twelve minutes. It is entitled. GE is lying and -- hot film directed by the lady herself fit opens -- -- dressed as they. Certain creature shop through with a narrow humanity is to make her way you look -- -- where she's provided on the scene and baptized in the swimming pool. He serenaded by lip -- real housewives of Beverly Hills home video shot at the Hearst castle in San -- California. All right John Lennon fans are deep pockets will have their sights set on -- June auction at Sotheby's in New York featuring drawings and manuscripts. By the late Beatles among the many items up for grabs several sketches as well as some handwritten manuscripts. What manuscript is expected to sell for as much as 60000. Dollars. The auction is set for June -- Do some -- days right now celebrities were marking another candle on the -- today. Comedian Louie Anderson he is 61 years old actress Kelly Nebraska is 54. -- personality Star Jones she turns 52 years old today. Actress Lara Flynn boy are turning 44. And actress Jessica chest pain 37 years old happy birthday -- all of that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"E! News and People are reporting that the actress and Ashton Kutcher are expecting a baby.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23031620","title":"Mila Kunis Pregnancy Reports Surface","url":"/WNN/video/mila-kunis-pregnancy-reports-surface-23031620"}