Miley Cyrus Gets Political on 'SNL'

The singer pokes fun at the government shutdown with her portrayal of Michele Bachmann.
3:23 | 10/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miley Cyrus Gets Political on 'SNL'
I had missed the street. -- not back any of -- do you happen. All right Miley Cyrus never -- America's favorite worker. Back at the news again this morning she did SNL over the weekend was probably she's writing this whole wave will -- publicity is that was probably Smart thing. So as part of what she did you gonna do this -- on her weekend stop video it's taken every making it as. That's the Republican anthem in support of the government shut down -- actions benefiting take a listen. You -- you. It's. Probably won't. Deployment -- yeah yeah. Our way back I think anybody -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get a broad voters -- -- she's obviously I'm enjoying her much longer than. I thought it was -- -- Ordered fifteen minutes -- at a -- you enjoyed it and hope you lose in this in the -- self mocking which is units you know and I would just a few years they have been. The review makes a lot of people of -- a lot of people with -- get -- all the little bit just. I think it's all like yeah. I agree it. And also wrote what I understand our folks who really aren't that talented have to use and six appealed to get out of surrendered to neglect I don't know I don't I get that. I don't get that oh look it's plumes -- all the time I don't either I'm trying to set high. Crack the code I think what they're trying to do their marketing her like a caricature of herself she's not really like -- person she's kind of like. On Tenet and murdered in -- that's -- she's about us and also not -- new person has emerged that it caricature. Like that card didn't care Dutch historian. It's a little ball -- her head and tell. I don't understand the tongue thing Miley there's a difference between sixty and stroke victim -- -- background good lord. Good good come on -- Together. About. I don't want any hate mail and look at you haven't heard they had a baby boy. Yes Sahara. And Olivier Martinez. Really we're expecting a tiny little bit and well this happened on Saturday her rep has confirmed it to people. And she married this friendship actor in July she's got obviously a five year old not -- from her ex boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey and apparently Olivier has left her side once this -- she had baby. And now has already come to meet her brother's -- very -- solved I hate this he -- knowing that I wish director of expanding family well yeah also Chris Brown. You need to give a recent interview -- now admitting that he'd lost his virginity at the age of eight years old to a local girl who was fourteen or fifteen. -- and -- -- I drove a lot of rock ar grew up around a lot of male cousins and he says he -- Virginia that -- busy girl watching a lot of sports. Eight years old so we won't judge that just discuss amongst yourselves. Chris Brown.

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{"id":20492620,"title":"Miley Cyrus Gets Political on 'SNL'","duration":"3:23","description":"The singer pokes fun at the government shutdown with her portrayal of Michele Bachmann.","url":"/WNN/video/miley-cyrus-political-snl-20492620","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}