Modern day matchmaker offers an alternative to dating apps

ABC's Janine Elliot catches up with matchmaker Amy Van Doran, who is setting up couples without the help of the Internet.
4:04 | 06/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Modern day matchmaker offers an alternative to dating apps
If you're dating life needs some work. Well we have a story for you yeah single people are turning to apps and website of course but traditional matchmaking. Is still in demand. You're his ABC's Jeanie knowing. Mom. And miss. I'm somewhat match bumble Tinder slugging left. Sledding right. It's how millions worldwide are finding love for at least trying to. In fact some 30% of adults in the US who have never been married say they have used online dating. I just got out of a relationship. That was here and act we got a ticket. She's normal is good for sound finding love online isn't all it's cracked up to defense make. I adopt are those things and actually source myself recently that I don't want to get honoring him. Those looking to meet their match the old fashioned way. The fear rejection some guys tell us is what gets in their way to know your walking by she looks that you keep beyond look at her. But you're like okay she's lucky she talking should I call it should should not should walk up to. Unable to do so is no pressure on my. Doesn't work you can swipe left and it hasn't gone forever at any enduring as the owner of modern golf club I'm not speaking company looking to change all that. Van Doren along with fellow matchmaker and we lesser work out of their east village store front New York City selling nothing more than the possibility of finding life. Started off amongst you know eight years ago at our experiment rather just. Get the opportunity and in the park with a sign that said freedom and I think that if your people's lifestyles and and this plane you know we've interviewed thousands and thousands of people off the pair worked to find the perfect matches for their clients and even those just passing through. You can be the client or is it come in and just talk to me. We can have a conversation for an hour I didn't think he'd back. Puts you in the rollodexes a possible match. Kind of like tender but in real life the match making duo are currently working with seventeen clients. They used their Rolodex of potential matches to see who would be most compatible with whom should indoor and is looking to put a modern twist on the eagles' practice of matchmaking. And the half that's making him and older rich gentleman cleanup extremely high net where stating much younger now I have a literary agent may have a couple of very cool doctors had to. Being helped me in the end people that I kind of how that's that is Natick they just don't have time for online dating or just means to tamp. This modern matchmaker believes online dating has changed to gain significantly. But not for the better sort of become a practicing see you walk by a Bart nothing to you know I think the people that should be talking to Tenet and are but there. You know sitting next to each other just swiping left and right and it's like just turn your head and allowed this is your picnic being raped here like waiting for you did. Talk of the although prices vary from Klein declined the service will cost you thousands of dollars. Once you're set up then torn offers a few hints to help ensure that first day leads to a second. You're about don't Google because we've already done all background if I'm issue until got a what's an old that the system to join us but with on the date. You're using online knitting and do little gurgling justices so that you feel safe. Don't talk about x.s try not to get we've been adding that people get so nervous according to this day and up. As look at coping mechanism drinking I had integrate tightly Indian I didn't like love respect. Them. It ended the day. I don't know some of that a bomb lover I can imagine like hell their sense of humor I imagine these people being friends and I like doesn't make sense. Whether they all love or not it's still like what's great elements. It's it's a mystery. Jean Elliott ABC news New York. So what do you think. Don't get wasted as one of the tips. And tickets cotton home under her to pick. Camping types. My first states don't go to second it's don't talk about your taxes. In my third question usually is how much is your dowry. I don't that's really the important ally Israel and lock it down coming out of the meaning when we're helping them. And therapy.

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{"id":48149524,"title":"Modern day matchmaker offers an alternative to dating apps ","duration":"4:04","description":"ABC's Janine Elliot catches up with matchmaker Amy Van Doran, who is setting up couples without the help of the Internet.","url":"/WNN/video/modern-day-matchmaker-offers-alternative-dating-apps-48149524","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}