It's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Magnolia Bakery shows how to make several of the frosty tasty treats.
3:20 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for It's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
-- a sample some treats in a moment which automatically makes this our favorite story of. Dang not Eileen that Friday that -- the national ice cream Sandridge dates and revisited near its famous magnolia bakery. It's an expert advice on making these tasty -- I have -- relates to good enough. Today are going to be making parents into the world famous eyes and damages for a national -- and the day. Just start out making the classic Ponzi. You can just make as traditional talk chip cookie dough recipe for a -- recipe -- -- pan with a piece of it's paper and after a -- completely cool -- -- -- -- out onto a cutting board. We want the bottom side up. -- put it back in my pan bottom side up and this one I will be flipping it right side. You can use your own judgment as a homicide is can you -- so which rights -- And I usually is my -- is Mike Judge as to how high I want my eyes seem to be about three quarters of immense. Is perfect. And two -- three course of ice understood completely -- one hand so you spread it out and once you've got this whole thing completely filled. -- -- -- back in your freezer for about four hours. You have a couple of options -- have to do it this trip home. I've also done them where -- let people make their own ice cream sandwiches. And I put all the bits and parts but -- in the table and -- that the kids that the -- so that way they're making them to order so to speak. Miss. Essentially be. Your -- consent. Miami center if you are freezing this that it is frozen solid because if you try to cut about -- -- him this off if that happens. -- -- -- -- slips out everywhere so that is the perfect excuse. This is the -- but chocolate premium ice cream. And this is one of the best guys -- on the planet so we'll just cut to. Exactly the same side. And this is going to be my perfect little ice cream sandwich and -- fifth of ice cream. And take maybe a little -- Juan. Or something that you can use to spread it around just the night. Seconds later. How -- came back. -- up until about four hours in your freezer or he can't and -- to take about it. We can't stand the way I critically. Enjoy forever some of these big and Blondie is they had red velvet they have to lend involved -- classic. Brownie she and on beef -- fast how good or magic far let's go completely broke up -- for everybody in the museums like quake off camera. Wait and -- married -- sorry guys -- -- ago. Around. Whole -- The man who saved -- Now. Only I Braintree and -- could keep -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Magnolia Bakery shows how to make several of the frosty tasty treats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19848372","title":"It's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day","url":"/WNN/video/national-ice-cream-sandwich-day-19848372"}