National spelling bee finals

The Scripps National Spelling Bee comes to a close after intense competition. ABC's Kendis Gibson reports.
2:26 | 06/02/17

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Transcript for National spelling bee finals
But there was another intense competition last night involving. Just as much blood sweat. And tears. Are there may be more tears just. It was a clash of the nation's fiercest competitors the best of the best face to face Stefan LeBron no way. Roland and an onion. Language of origin part H. The national spelling bee that grueling annual battle of the brains the beat has at all nervous kids proud parent old guys. Trying to be hip Heather's Brothers suggested she post a tender photos where she's not wearing a vote. If she wants to get less creepy responses. Rather around hundreds of kids taking a seat after hearing. Staying in it. The dreaded bell that means you're done. But Chirac here on a ten award winning streak drops the Mike and the GO willow and didn't even wait for the judges to confirm his confidence he eventually got bounce in the final two Roland fourteen from Oklahoma. This Faber book Charlotte's web. And then none get twelve from Fresno California coincidentally. Stuff Carre fan at least that is correct. Secure that is correct. At bikini that is correct. The back and heat for playing past their bed times are confident that is correct man that was really impress. And we've more entertaining than game one of the NBA finals. One ESPN host tweeting. There are people who were actually at the NBA finals. Who watching the national spelling bee on their phones for twenty new rounds until and they are area are there. The veteran rolling. Takes a seat and none yet the sixth grader has to spell one more word correctly saying I hate. It is congratulate. She relieved that he shot to keep happy note. This deal legal heir of the true competitor. Two wins for delta nation on the night but only one featured an entertaining match. Moroccan act like you've been there before yeah she's dead she's like and what Libya and what pat. Clinton came merit Cain one of Mariah Carey sons. Yes that's exactly what it means.

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{"id":47786479,"title":"National spelling bee finals","duration":"2:26","description":"The Scripps National Spelling Bee comes to a close after intense competition. ABC's Kendis Gibson reports.","url":"/WNN/video/national-spelling-bee-finals-47786479","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}