NYC gym has a full bar

ABC News’ Will Ganss takes us to “GRIT BXNG,” which offers a full bar to help you wind down after your workout.
3:22 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for NYC gym has a full bar
The hottest new group that is plus has it all boxing treadmills. Weight training a full block. Wait want yet more on that later we got a sweat first so what is grit boxing. We're the only Gemma three modality affiliate fox saying try to melt and waits. Hot the killer workout queen you have to be full body you know he didn't need to be a one stop shop for your entire work out. That work out which promises to burn about 700 calories in just fifteen minutes. Developed by the divas anchor. Her dad bill is the brains behind the business bringing in big names like. Tony Robinson able to get Chris going bill making sure grids instructor salaries pack a punch of their own. We were distant over 500 structures and stores as flew in from television from London from Moscow and we picked the best nine. Three of them from all over because we pay all up to a thousand dollars. Our thousand dollars an hour for a short because they're worth it. And the studio itself also looking like a million bucks. Literally that's how much the tanker fans spent on the lights sound and link inside studio but what about the workout itself. I'm for me to put my money where my mouth it's built like a butterfly sting like the for station boxing minutes into the class sweating like crazy. I know that could have been my proximity to be instructor Anthony. Yeah next station the floor. Squat to push ups and waits if you feel they need to bust a move. Yeah. You're allowed table. Station three treadmill speeds structure guiding you through a series that's Britain's. Runs and recoveries. But before classes over a lightning round one last chance to burn calories in each station one final time. And when that's finally over you're ready for celebration. Luckily don't have to travel to far to treat yourself great is the only workout studio with a full bar. And that's where the third member of this anchor man comes and Dylan ditching the post in Gatorade for some drinks with a little more well grit. The margaritas had. A lecture lights in them so you can feel good after class. We also have mark Dell's we have cold brew come Bhuj hard come Bootcheck kill martini is just one drink. The drink specifically designed for after work out boost after that class and all that hard work they certainly taste awful lot sweeter. Gin and tonic any one. So it's easy to spot the great studio on the streets of MIC just keep your eyes peeled for the punching bags and gloves. Covered in swore Ross he crystals the gyms window display was actually designed by Bergdorf window designer Sarah sparkles. Plenty of blame so it feels like a Hollywood work out but it won't break the bank like a big shot personal trainer might. Classes cost about thirty bucks each tenant Mona. That if something else think you will would you try that no I would just meet for drinks at the end you have to ask her to the bar essentially less than. They're down. Thirty actually there is Xbox Freeport about I had agenda.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"ABC News’ Will Ganss takes us to “GRIT BXNG,” which offers a full bar to help you wind down after your workout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65741748","title":"NYC gym has a full bar","url":"/WNN/video/nyc-gym-full-bar-65741748"}