The Obamas To Host Final State Dinner

The Obamas hosts Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at their final state dinner, with cuisine prepared by celebrity chef Mario Batali.
2:49 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for The Obamas To Host Final State Dinner
08. That's not the time. Both coverage and Zarryon high gear this morning for a landmark event at the White House the Italians are coming if you can guess by the music and they will mark president Obama's. Final official state dinner which happens tonight ABC's I let science has a preview. The White House state dinner is proof the Obama has know how to throw a party. Tonight President Obama and the First Lady Wear their host hats one last time for their final state dinner the guest of honor Italian prime minister Mateo frenzy. It's the thirteenth time they've welcome to head of state with a lavish soiree. From the flowers to the four course meal every T tail is meticulously planned but there are some things you can't plan for. It's fine. Remember those gay pressures the salon he stole the show and they snuck into Obama's first state dinner leading to an unhappy president and so as a strong. By now the obamas have perfected the art of the state dinner rolling out the red carpet inviting you list celebrities any even celebrating of romance. Mr. prime minister or. After today I think it's fair to say that here in America. You made it. Well be the most popular. Canadian name just. The First Lady has stunted designer gowns and the first daughters have mingled with Hollywood stars the final state dinner should be no different. Once the fund will steer named best. Even though Neil features a dose of star power Mario but holly is whipping up Italian dishes of an American twist on the menu sweet potato ravioli pin wheels of beef and an Italian tart for dessert called taste tested and approved of by the First Lady. Working with her as she chose that dish is one or another neighbor couple boxes on each one was enough fun fascinating and kind of a big laugh clearly determined. But cooking for the president and is 400 guest isn't a piece of cake and Helena even apparent. Emotionally that's only 56 years. My entire night. And he'll do it all in his Signet. Sure orange Crocs. That's that's my look. No matter where I go. So we know Mario Vitale will be wearing his Crocs but everyone's wondering who Michelle Obama will Wear for the final state dinner tonight. That's something the White House is keeping top secret up until the final hours. Diane attendance. Maybe she'll aircraft accidents happen but I doubt that but let. Let's start to trend a designer that has some sort of affiliation to the country itself in but everybody's getting ready for this for this dinner no shortage of Italian designers disappears for a bow and sunny. Pete Souza put out this photo there already for the state visit but will they be wearing. And mr. Crocker calf.

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{"id":42875536,"title":"The Obamas To Host Final State Dinner","duration":"2:49","description":"The Obamas hosts Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at their final state dinner, with cuisine prepared by celebrity chef Mario Batali.","url":"/WNN/video/obamas-host-final-state-dinner-42875536","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}