Outdoor gadgets

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo returns with a cornucopia of great gear for the great outdoors.
4:56 | 06/14/17

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Well now that it finally feels like summer outside and -- as if courses around the corner it's time to get your gear ready on our own. Gays were as Dick DeBartolo brought the latest. Outdoor gadgets. Inside sources it is good morning Dick good morning Kenneth I do have some fun stuff we're gonna start with something called the fool glue the fools who don't fool goose speaker tells him that something at a border at night. Show it's a plea to take very. The guys. For that he and I am not talking. He's actually did not want to coordinate. Oh look at that and totally waterproof you can put it in the toilet. Well hopefully not. That's how they step up its residents but I know go camping out in the lay that's an editorial on wool Baghdad that's great guy and you can operate your songs its wireless its wireless that you can you can it's what songs from the speaker to back to your phone market awesome because this is really amazing. This is the joy to heap how it lands in. Uses this little candle. We're gonna run some video that I shot you put the candle in the joy Lambton. And if the four minutes. It through a little device in here thermal electric device. Develops electricity. That lights each LTD's. Sell on a camping trip we doing a picnic table where you want to take it inside at and you'll get four hours of light to add of that. While all from this little multi avenue one. You'll get four hours of light and this is you Sorin the video is it's all stainless steel it's beautiful and it rises up circles that anyway knowledge as economic. It's about a hundred tundra 110 dollars OK it's really need this is new from work this is a clever idea. This is there a high drove shot. How were cleaner. Look at until. The object here now we is if you not your electricity Baja you can still do some power cleaning selects a power washing or what my game yet like that exactly these two things one as you can attach the garden hose to the yes. If you don't have to not near a whole is you can connect this drop this into a pool and totally. And interviews that miracle and not just kind of sounds pretty cool it Natalie it's pretty neat and also there's only low and position where you can actually use it to water plants can bring a bucket of water and use that. Might charge. Adventure our culture. So they are all kinds of phone charges and again you have or OK now I. I don't think he's seen a phone charge only return if Smith sideways that has simply see how well. It AC outlet and ACL. IRS wow OK it also has US BC I US BC which is a new phones that's. Two regularly USB. Our ports yet so you can power like an LCD. TV for bout three Alice from the outlet. An actual regular on top a charge you can run your laptop for few hours OK so thin neat idea OK and I don't waste charging stations at some fumbled come from something of the past but for now that's a great wanted to grade I it's a great idea and I got to look and tell you exact thing it is thirteen 1400 millions now. You're gonna go thirteen thousand dollars to have Greg thank you are right there hit that hard to believe really now this bond shell balloons. Fight you're right you said Dick didn't have that before. We had it that you hooked up to a whole also now let me show that I did my backyard if you don't have all Holmes. You can actually get a bucket of water could take this test dig into the bucket of water then start pumping. And in a huge second ninety seconds of about a minute you'll get to L 35 balloons water balloons. Yeah actually it well it still still a little bit with the air if you wanna get to know really like yeah look. That color get ahead of hot. And then this self ceiling when they pop when they pop wolf you know I've never done it with just let me. Following it's just frustrated it's whether that's pick up. That's an economic when he final delegates super soaker and a water balloon make defined as priceless at this point leg up as did other half. The hurry because who has had any modern day thank you happy father's it is tired and we do appreciate you bringing these tips of course you can find out all the gadgets on. Is website. Get did you eyewitness dot bids ahead on our website W and and fans that come your watch the road is now. Yeah bottling not an earlier. No.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo returns with a cornucopia of great gear for the great outdoors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"48025805","title":"Outdoor gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/outdoor-gadgets-48025805"}