Pipe bombs delivered to Democratic leaders

Authorities are searching for a suspect and a motive behind the bomb-scare spree. Former FBI special agent Steve Gomez helps us break down the latest.
3:20 | 10/25/18

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Transcript for Pipe bombs delivered to Democratic leaders
And federal law enforcement officials are so far offering no. Yet the explosive devices were all sent to an FBI lab in Virginia for analysis the former FBI special agent and ABC news contributor Steve goma's is joining us now and Stevie used to be in charge of the bomb Texan. LA and in Saint Louis of the divisions are so what are they looking right now. The looking to try to figure out what the signature is of these devices which means how are these devices made holiday structured. What would of the materials that were in the devices the F use in the power pack. And all of that is gonna help them figure out where did the bomb maker acquired those materials and then the investigation can pursue leads based on that. Where did they acquire those materials look for some cameras try to get some receipts things like that to try to identify the bomb maker. And then if that the other issue is of course that none of these devices went off so the big question is why not. And seat because those devices didn't go off what does that mean for investigators were looking ended and how they were made. So the question then becomes. If if they didn't go off was it because they were poorly made maybe this is somebody who is somewhat of an amateur and didn't quite understand the instructions that. Art are required for. Making these types a pipe bombs. Or maybe these bombs were made in a way where they would not go off. Were they were intended to just instill fear. In their Vick Dunn's and end in America especially leading up to the elections and that was then all wave war the political agenda. And influence of the elections to be affected by these bombs and the bomb maker. And then the big concern I think at this hour is that they're possibly might be more bombs out they're making their way through the postal system. How urgent would you say this investigation is right now. So this investigation is so urgent it's 24/7 nobody sleeping right now. Because of the fact that there were seven devices. And there is a probability I mean they have to assume that there are more devices that are either in transit the postal system. Or that there. Is material sitting in some type of light crude lab where the bomb maker made these devices. So there's additional explosive material and maybe some additional bonds that the bomb maker may consider deploying out there are two other victims. And Steve those devices that out of some sent here in the New York area also in the Washington DC area. Is it likely that one person is responsible or could multiple people beaten behind this this whole ordeal. It's very possible that there are multiple people just think about you've got seven devices that got deployed within a twenty fort a 36. Hour period. And so it was this was if there was one person and that means that they would have to that one person would have to develop all of these bonds won by one. But if they were talking about putting together a number of bombs and deploying them out at a certain point. There may have been more than one person that was involved in building the bombs almost like in a factory. Sitting at a lab. And then and now they were able to produce those bombs and mass and once again the concern of having additional bombs out there. That that law enforcement have to contend with that is a big concern as we mentioned Arce Gomez joining us from Los Angeles thank you Steve.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Authorities are searching for a suspect and a motive behind the bomb-scare spree. Former FBI special agent Steve Gomez helps us break down the latest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58736316","title":"Pipe bombs delivered to Democratic leaders","url":"/WNN/video/pipe-bombs-delivered-democratic-leaders-58736316"}