Planning your next vacation

Pack your bags, as travel blogger Courtney Scott reviews the next hot vacation spots both at home and abroad. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
5:50 | 03/28/19

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Yemeni rather that at bats right. Time to get away. That's where the right Dublin. We got the look at MEI. I know what the weather warming up so many of us are thinking about where to fly away for art's spring and summer getaways. And this year that big vacation trend of getting. Beaten getting off the beaten path and don't have that here to tell us what our road. I hope you guys are ready for a little summer travel. Spring break accident yeah I have spent enough time but it's a grant to note that travel blogger and filmmaker Courtney Scott. It's the expert you need to help people in the world's best vacation she has been to almost every corner of the globe. From Costa Rica to New Zealand to Colombia to Turkey. But she made a special stop at the Plaza Hotel here in New York City to tell me about Expedia is top travel destinations that are on the brink of blowing up. If you're sneak peek. Since. Every year Expedia have research shows a few standout destinations. That are really. Catching a lot of buys a rising to the top of a lot of pocket mask. Down Mexico the top trending destination we all know that people tend to love traveling to Cancun Riviera my hat combo but I recommend. Hitting its love whole hush there are only 16100 inhabitants on the island it's at car free island so the way to get around is by golf cart. Flyby by. And that they're real peak time to visit entering whale shark season. Which is from June to September that's when you'll see the biggest crowds but it's really spectacular year round. I recommend staying at Coosa companies that it's a small family brown hosts how incredible design and really affordable price about 200 dollars a night. All right so that's our first destination what else if Mexico is not in the cards what else should we be looking for Portugal all. Had a huge year end when eighteen we stop a lot of buzz about the Azores. Nine different islands nine active volcanoes earning it is or is the title the Hawaii of the Atlantic I recommend spending a good amount of time once you get there an island hopping the best thing to be there. Is between April and November that's when you have the best mother. Most affordable price says and it's about a two and a half hour John Brown lives and sent here are you planning a trip to Portugal. Something to think about. Azores getaways offers a 600 dollar deal where you get there you get a hotel it includes breakfast like. You'll have to break the bank to. Start exploring these gorgeous locations absolutely at Expedia we often recommend looking at package some fondling your flight and your hometown together. That's when you see the deepest savings. Portugal the Azores check what else is on our our bucket list of travel destinations this year. Well I'll last that OK it's an incredible event chair. A lot of family is. Really wanna get to Alaska but they don't know how to do it and I recommend going I have proof he emerald isle of Kodiak. It's the place to experience their rich history and indigenous cultures of Alaska then next is ten night. And can Knight is the destination for legendary salmon fishing. So that summer months I really peak season for Alaskan cruise says I recommend. Trying to go on either side of this ever summer months fire last crowds and more affordable for his. Georgia remembers on your list right yes but not Georgia this day not the status of the country it's taken any of the capital city of at least he. And hotels dom is incredible it's built and then all of publishing house they have a rooftop pool with a glass bottom. I'm very cool. Property he's my nanny who want to leave it but you should get out exploring we've got Alaska. As a travel destination but that's not the easiest thing to get to is there anything in the lower 48 that you would recommend that you see as. New trendy travel destination. Just a short when metro rag found that hustle and bustle of DC. As Alexandria Virginia a very charming city it's not only in DC where you have. That famous cherry blossoms festivals and and an experience that it's also not thank you Virginia. Recommend they came within glory and it is very centrally located. Pat friend role as the most cases are. And if only about a 185 dollars a night in fact Alexandria. You know when you talk about the past month to be Dax. Year round it's quite affordable so it's really a great destination if you're looking for. A lovely quick escape kidney in the lower 48. US sounds so nice I got Mike. Cynicism interview raps of men like go jump on Expedia and be like right where do I wanna go. A huge stakes according Scott Expedia and the Plaza Hotel for having us if you guys that I was kidding at the end there on its atom wrapping the interview getting sick crew ready to travel. You're either hats and yes it's happening here don't go yet because. Those doesn't get tips. What I thought Alexandria I Wear lightweight what. Welcome to that's because you've lived in DC for the rest that I sell it there it looked like don't have really a a nice but there it is nice that it's beautiful and the cherry blossoms which are starting to bloom. I thought differently arsenal oh my gosh the Hawaii of the Atlantic is what they call it. And from here it's only like four hours to get him I've been delivered that not happened port wine but locals and. Reports well speaking of port wine and Portugal. We'll Dan out where our. Everybody.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Pack your bags, as travel blogger Courtney Scott reviews the next hot vacation spots both at home and abroad. ABC News' Will Ganss reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62001330","title":"Planning your next vacation","url":"/WNN/video/planning-vacation-62001330"}