New 'PokeGone' Chrome Extension

Software engineers develop a Google Chrome extension that removes all content related to Pokemon.
2:54 | 07/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New 'PokeGone' Chrome Extension
OK so of course the craze of the summer is Pokemon it's been around Pokemon though it's been around now for exactly a week at the game app has been out there and already and there are a lot of Pokemon haters. All over the place of this web developer has now. Created pokey gun. Which is a sort of software. That once you put on your browser they're here chrome browser for Google. It'll block all of the Pokemon related content that has you know been driving you crazy. Who lately that the demeanor shows getting plucked right now that oh yeah actually that would mean like half of the shows that they have a lot. And so full he god will take care. All of this this stuff that you've been sick and tired with the extension will stop your eyes from seeing grown adults raving on about poking mind. Blah. And haters out there they might have some solace in bits and of the results of Pokemon an animal shelter in Muncie Indiana. Has figured out that all these people walking around yeah can be put to work. They are walking dogs for the shelter that is the director of the shelter filled second thought he came up with the idea that. The rhetoric that is a greater than ever since he pitched it they have seen a surge in volunteers have been. I don't around anyway yeah people walk and doesn't have as big hair line tell people they can catch more popular hot Allah does not think the dogs concede. Under the agreement there Pokemon cards and get them they are looking go over there and it's really kind of weird that the thinkpad. I'll tell you everybody's getting into this Pokemon go craze like and everything is getting into the what else would it. I'm afraid to download it. Flag that maybe. Maybe it is good what else would explain why this happened in in Thailand here. That is Karen how it got quite good it is a giant lizard. And that is a supermarket some local Tesco there in central Thailand in this lizard wandered in. Through the automatic doors a laugh and then stood in the middle of the the floor just kind of gazing around. Giving wagging the tail was playing Pokemon god that's what I'm thing again. I'll get my act supermarkets like bears allure. Well it's a glows killing two feeling the bigger conditions there. No need for a Pokemon lower. At this restaurant at Oakland California that they have now made who put this big getting grilled cheese apparently the order just started playing around with leftovers Monday. Decided to put your feet that garlic breath sandwiched around some spaghetti some sauce. Some mozzarella cheese. They've put an honest to grab and now it has become the restaurant's most popular sentiment is Brad Adams. Looks amazing thing makers of the bill Reno breakfast burrito with doughnuts and the fried chicken lawful sandwiched a lawful for the home sits at college all over again.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Software engineers develop a Google Chrome extension that removes all content related to Pokemon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40568608","title":"New 'PokeGone' Chrome Extension","url":"/WNN/video/pokegone-chrome-extension-40568608"}